OUCH: Here’s An Election Fact Hillary Clinton WON’T Include In Her New Book

California voter fraud

Hillary Clinton is still crowing about the fact that she won the popular vote in her election loss to Donald Trump last November. She seems to think it is a nice consolation victory in an embarrassing election loss. However, even that little victory likely came by fraudulent means.

Hillary Clinton is promoting her upcoming book, What Happened, as if it will provide some great insight into her election loss to Donald Trump last November. Even the title implies there are questions as to how she lost. For most Americans, however, the answer is clear: Hillary was an out-of-touch candidate who ignored the working class of America, who flocked to Donald Trump, flipping blue states to red in an epic election upset. The entire rust belt defected to the Republican party, eager for a change after eight years of economic downturns.

Minority voters stayed at home in droves, and even women refused to stand with Hillary. According to Yahoo, Clinton received only 54% of women voters, with Trump receiving 42%. That’s an incredible number, considering Clinton expected more votes from women, being the first female candidate for President. Trump’s controversial statements about women prior to the election did not faze many women voters. Among white women, Trump captured 53% of the vote.

Even so, Clinton can boast that she won the popular vote, 48% to 46%, winning by a margin of almost 2.9 million votes. However, that’s not the full story.

Anyone who watched the vote result returns on election night will remember that Trump led in the popular vote until one state’s results came in: California. Clinton won the state 62% to 32%, with a nearly 4.3 million vote win margin. That more than made up for the deficit Clinton faced, and gave her the 3 million margin of victory in the popular vote.

However, a closer look at the vote totals shows a disturbing trend. Counties in California that went heavily for Hillary Clinton counted more votes than they had actual adult voters registered. Those counties made up nearly 4 million of the votes that made up her win margin. It’s a fact that Clinton won’t want people to know about.

Here’s a graphic that outlines the disparity, which uses election results available online.

California vote fraud

The implication of the results is obvious. The cesspool of fraudulent voting that exists in California likely swayed many counties to Hillary’s favor, as far as the popular vote is concerned.

Is it any wonder that President Trump is pushing for an investigation of voter fraud nationwide?






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