OUTRAGE: Photo of American flags piled up at a veterans cemetery sparks anger

AND IT SHOULD! Anyone who knows anything about how the flag is supposed to be treated knows how truly awful this photo is.

From Fox News:

Rhode Island’s Director of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday he was “speechless” after seeing photos of American flags strewn in a pile, one by a trash bin and one by a shed in a blatant violation of protocol, at a veterans cemetery in Exeter.

Stan Snyzyk posted the photos online Sunday. “These people fought for this country,” he told WLNE. “They shed blood, sweat and tears, for every piece of fabric in that flag. My father fought under that banner. And to see them like that is an absolute disgrace and it broke my heart.”

Mine too. I remember as a child being taught to take great care and have great respect for the flag, especially during my time as a cub scout and boy scout. It seems like that’s not happening much anymore.

Officials say Americans should dispose of flags no longer fit for display, preferably by burning them.

That’s what we did in the scouts, I have specific memories of burning a flag no longer fit to fly, while saluting it.

This tweet in response to this terrible story really does say it all…

Something to think about. Can you think of a time while Bush or anyone else was president where we heard stories like this? Barack Obama isn’t directly to blame for this, but it sure does seem like we’ve taken a liberal attitude about everything over the last seven to eight years, including respect and reverence for the symbols of this country’s greatness.

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