OUTRAGEOUS: Democrats basically resort to victim blaming to excuse violence against Trump supporters

For a long time even though my disagreement with Democrats was vehement I always maintained some level of respect and assumption that their opinions, wrong as they are, were argued and found on good faith.

Whether you like him or not, or whether he is sufficiently conservative or not, the way Democrats have conducted themselves in reaction to the candidacy of Donald Trump has changed all of that. The childishness and temper tantrums the left are throwing over him are as revealing as they are appalling. Democrats are the ones ruining this country and tearing it apart, Trump is just the smokescreen they are using to accomplish that end.

Like with Barack Obama’s prevarication while discussing the violence against Trump supporters in San Jose, CA the mayor of that city, Sam Liccardo (not so coincidentally a HUGE Hillary supporter) is blaming the victims instead of going after the guilty parties.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo told the Associated Press afterwards. “It is regrettable that this has become a pattern for cities hosting Mr. Trump across the nation.”

This, coming from Democrats the side of who wagged their finger at conservatives for a decade about how “war is not the answer” when terrorists blew up 3,000 of our fellow Americans. War was not the answer to an act of war, but beating up people for wearing a Trump shirt or holding a Trump sign is totally understandable.

Meanwhile, the San Jose police department basically let it all happen for fear of making things worse, which apparently misses the point that allowing mob rule to go unabated is what ACTUALLY makes things worse.

Even Hillary Clinton, who like Obama is also an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, and raised in the very Marxism we are seeing pushed in politics and at the grassroots level via the violence we are witnessing now, is victim blaming. Of course, she has to, because she can’t shine light on the roaches doing her and other leftists bidding.

“He created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters,” Clinton said. “Now, we’re seeing people who are against him responding in kind.”

This would be a national scandal if there was a shred of honesty left in journalism, but between Brian Williams and Katie Couric’s dishonest documentary that included an edited interview with gun owners that made them looked stumped by her questions when they weren’t, this is the brave new world in America. Exercising your first amendment rights while being right-of-center is now a life-threatening proposition.

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