Pakistani Couple Thinks They Got Away With “Honor Killing” Daughter – Until Body Language Expert Spots Hidden Proof in Video

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After being charged with their daughter’s brutal murder, a British-Muslim couple claimed that the police were racially profiling them. They cried “Islamophobia,” and claimed they were innocent—that is, until an expert spotted something that was hiding right in plain sight.

Everyone knows that honor killings are a problem in Pakistan and other Muslim-dominated countries, but few people want to admit it. Conservatives understand this, which is why we voted for Donald Trump in the election of 2016—liberals, however, would rather bury their heads in the sand.

Under Sharia Law, Muslims have every right to kill their own children if they refuse to comply with the ridiculous and barbaric laws of Islam. They use this to their advantage to prevent “heretics,” from speaking out—many people who leave the religion and speak out against it are murdered in cold blood.

Shafilea Ahmed, the victim

So when a 17-year-old girl disappeared, police were initially suspicious of her parents. They knew that the family was a devout Muslim couple, and that her parents had arranged a marriage for the young girl to take place overseas. Then, when her body washed up by the River Kent, their suspicions were confirmed.

The Mirror reports:

Shafilea, who was bright and ambitious, was first reported missing by her college in September 2003 when she had not turned up for a week, and her friends were concerned they had been unable to contact her.

It was a further five months before her body was found, by the River Kent in the Lake District, where it had been washed up by floods.

A coroner revealed that the girl had been choked to death, and her sister’s testimony confirmed this theory. Alesha Ahmed, the victim’s 15-year-old sister, had claimed that her parents choked Shafilea in front of her and her two siblings, warning that if they dare defy Islam, the same fate will befall them.

Of course, the parents completely denied this—they cried “racism,” and “Islamophobia,” all day long. Police were absolutely furious, because they knew that these scumbags had killed their own daughter…but they had no evidence.

That is, until they brought a body language expert on board. It turns out that in an interview which the parents gave, they told a convincing story. “[They say that] you’re a Muslim family, from a Pakistani culture…this is the way you are,” the father said.

He gave a tearful interview, crying over how he and his wife had been unfairly profiled. He cried racism, and said that the police treated him and his family unfairly—but then, the body language expert saw something that nobody had ever thought to notice.

Cliff Lansley, expert body language analyst, says that while the couple may be telling a convincing story, their bodies say otherwise.

“He has got his eyes closed, his volume has dropped and we see the head nod yes. Slightly diagonal, but this is up and down,” says Cliff, who is ‘the watcher’ on the programme.

Cliff said Iftikhar pauses and adds the qualifier “I wouldn’t dream of it,” as he is unsure whether his lies are being believed.

“Farzana is sitting here motionless,” adds Cliff. “But she reacts slightly when he says never. You get this little sideways glance to her right. She’s looking over to check he is answering correctly maybe.

“He’s doing all the speaking but silently is she the one who is the architect behind this whole episode.”

Cliff is one of three experts who analyse the couple’s words and body language to expose their lies and the slip ups in the programme, as they desperately tried to conceal the truth that they had murdered their daughter.

A criminal psychologist also helped analyze the couple’s body language, and said that the wife portrayed herself as a quiet and shy woman, when in reality, she was a cold and calculating manipulator.

“She’s a brutal woman, a harsh woman and she’s certainly not under the thumb of her husband,” she said, adding that the Muslim couple actually did “feel as though they were being victimized.” Imagine that—they kill their own daughter, and believe that they’re the ones being victimized.

Thankfully, the teenagers own words also helped convict her parents. Right before she was to be taken away and forced into marriage, she ran away and contacted a social services agency to help her. In the application, she said that she had suffered from parental abuse.

While the poor girl’s life was taken many years too soon, these disgusting pieces of filth have been thrown into prison for 25 years. According to sources, the couple was charged with choking their daughter to death in front of her four siblings, by stuffing a plastic bag down her throat.

This is the type of disgusting behavior that Islamic culture seeks to normalize, and while the liberals will fight us every step of the way, we must ensure that this does NOT become a normal part of our culture. Muslims come from disgusting and barbaric regions of the world, and they don’t just leave their culture behind when they come here.

It’s on the conservative men and women of America to put an end to this insanity. All around the world, in Sweden, Germany, and London, we’re seeing the terrible effects of multiculturalism—death, terrorism, and Sharia Law are rampant everywhere you look.

Now is the time for us to put an end to the liberal media’s lies about Islam. Now is the time for us to deport the Islamic immigrants here illegally, now is the time for us to reclaim our culture, and now is the time for us to make America great again!

Please share this article to raise awareness of the honor killings going on right under our noses. Thank you and God bless!



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