Parents FURIOUS After What Racist Coach Makes 8-Year-Old Team Do During National Anthem

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Millions of Americans have plead to boycott the NFL after dozens of racist players began disrespecting the national anthem. Unfortunately, however, it seems that this racist and hateful behavior isn’t exclusive to the pros.

Over the past eight years, Obama sought the seeds of racial division in this country and now, we’re reaping the rewards. Never before have we been this divided, and never before has there been so much internal hatred directed at the very flag which millions of men died protecting.

These arrogant NFL athletes make millions of dollars every single year due to capitalism, a system that only works with the freedom that our founding fathers envisioned, and which our troops have died for. Then, they have the arrogance to turn around and attack the very system which made them rich.

It’s absolutely disgusting, and Americans are sick of it. One football coach, however, feels the opposite way—and unfortunately he’s brainwashed his team of 8-year-old boys to feel the same. Every single player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team just did something that’s enraging parents and spectators alike, all across the nation.

The team, stationed in a small Illinois town, took a knee during the national anthem to protest policemen killing blacks. What they didn’t protest, ironically enough, was the fact that blacks kill more blacks than any other race—they don’t care about that part.

Fox St. Louis reports that “every player” on this football team of third graders “took a knee,” during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville, Illinois. The coach even defended their actions, saying that he’s “perfectly fine,” with what they’re doing.

“One of the kids asked me if I saw (people) protesting and rioting in St. Louis. I said yes; I said, ‘Do you know why they are doing it?’” said Coach Orlando Gooden.

Coach Gooden said his player responded, “Because black people are getting killed and nobody’s going to jail.”

Gooden, who played football at Mizzou, said the kids knew about the Jason Stockley decision.

“I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team and have a meeting,” he said.

Apparently Coach Gooden has been filling his team’s heads with liberal bullshit, because according to sources he’s listed numerous events where supposedly “evil” white cops “ruthlessly murdered,” black men. He’s also explained why former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the trend of kneeling during the national anthem.

In response, one of the kids asked if they could follow in Kaepernick’s footsteps. “As long as we know what we’re doing, I don’t have a problem with any of it,” the coach declared.

When the anthem started, the Cahokia third graders immediately took a knee where they were standing. Their backs were away from the flag—but not on purpose—according to Gooden.

“What I teach my kids is love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect and boundaries,” he said.

All the parents on the team supported the coach’s decision to take a knee. However, a Facebook post by Gooden’s wife was met with some backlash.

“As long as I have support of my parents and team, I’m perfectly fine, and I’m covered under the First Amendment to peacefully protest and assemble,” Gooden said.

Numerous parents have already condemned the coach for spreading such anti-American propaganda and brainwashing these obviously naive young children. Many are upset that they drop their kids off at football practice to teach them discipline and teamwork, but instead they get a lesson in liberal racism.

While the coach hasn’t faced any legal repercussions, many are furious and demand that he be fired from his position—what do you think? Do you think that this liberal coach is brainwashing his 8-year-old team to hate America? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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H/T – The Gateway Pundit

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