PARENTS: Look What TWISTED Plans Muslims Have to Brainwash Your Little Girl

muslim hijab barbie

Everywhere that Islam goes, Sharia Law follows. It should come as no surprise then, that Muslims have begun pushing for a “Barbie doll” for their religion…but what’s disturbing is what it’s capable of saying upon pressing a button.

Over the past 30 years we’ve seen Europe descend into chaos after migrant upon Muslim migrant has flooded the borders. They’ve brought their backwards culture with them, have astronomically high crime rates per capita, and always push for more and more legal coverage.

We’ve already seen Sweden fall to the scourge of radical Islam, and with Angela Merkel controlling the reigns of Germany, they aren’t far behind. Thankfully our neighbors over in the United Kingdom have initiated Brexit, and while London still has Sadiq Khan as their mayor, there is hope.

Time is of the essence, however—we all know that creeping sharia is a relentless attempt to undermine western civilization, and unfortunately, a Muslim parent just came out with this sick new invention in order to do just that.

“Hijab barbie,” as it’s being called, was put forth by Muslim mother Samira Amarir, and has swept the nation with outrage. This new doll comes fully decked out in a hijab, and upon pressing a button, it even has the ability to recite Quran verses.

Daily Wire reports:

According to HuffPo, Muslim mother and French businesswoman, Samira Amarir, has created a Barbie-like doll designed to impart the Islamic faith to her young daughter.

The new “Jenna” doll comes dressed in an “abaya” robe with a purple hijab and has the ability to recite four chapters from the Quran. It has entered mass production and is selling in Gulf Arab countries.

The Muslim mother claims that she was innocently looking for a toy for her daughter, and then the “Hijab Barbie,” idea just popped into our head. We all know this is a lie, however—what’s starting off as a toy marketed strictly to Muslim children will soon be marketed to our very own youth in the USA.

“When my daughter Jenna turned two years old, I was looking for a toy or a tool,” Amarir said. “The idea was to come up with a toy that would enable her to learn the Quran fast and easily while she plays.”

Jenna comes from a name derived from the Arabic word for heaven and was designed with an online modeling software. She also comes with little makeup.

“For me it was important that the doll would show something my daughter can recognize herself in, or recognize her mother at least,” Amarir said on choosing to give the doll a dark skin tone.

Launched earlier this year in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE, the Jenna doll recites four short and easy verses from the Quran that will enable the child to memorize them within days. It does not include Quran (2:244) — “Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things.”

This is just another step in the long process that’s leading to the death of western civilization. Muslims understand that in order to subvert our culture they must first brainwash our youth into excepting Islam, and that’s exactly what this toy is meant to do.

All of Islam’s barbaric commandments and laws are being nicely packaged in a pretty little barbie doll, like a Trojan horse. Soon enough, if conservatives don’t fight back, this doll will be on the shelves throughout every single retailer in America, and by then, it will be too late.

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