Parkland School Shooting Activist Admits She Wants Gun Confiscation – Read Her Tweet

Emma Gonzalez

Gun control activists insist they don’t want to take away your guns. Emma Gonzalez insists they do.

The Parkland school shooting survivor took to Twitter Sunday to respond to the shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee. She admitted what every gun rights supporter has claimed: the end game to the gun control debate is to take away gun ownership.

Gonzalez argues that the United States is the only country that has mass shootings, but the facts say otherwise.

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Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire reports.

On Sunday, the most recognizable far-left activist from Parkland, Florida called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons from American society in the wake of a shooting in Tennessee.

Reacting to the shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee in which several people were shot, far-left activist Emma González immediately attacked the NRA and Smith & Wesson Corp.

After several tweets, González called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic firearms, writing: “Removing the assault and semi-automatic weapons from our Civilian society, instituting thorough background checks and mandatory waiting periods (and raising the buying age and banning the production of high-capacity magazines) are the ways to stop shootings in America.”

González then falsely claimed that mass shootings do not happen in other countries, despite the fact that the worst mass shootings in world history have all happened outside the United States.

Saavedra then listed the top mass shootings, which are all outside of the United States.

The top-6 deadliest mass shootings in world history:

1. 2017 Egyptian Mosque Attack, 305+ deaths
2. 2015 Kenya College Attack, 148 deaths
3. 2014 Pakistan School Massacre, 141 deaths
4. 2015 Paris Attacks, 130 deaths
5. 2011 Norway Attacks, 67 deaths
6. 2013 Kenya Shopping Mall Attack, 67 deaths

Here is the tweet, which was part of a longer tweet storm.

Here is Gonzalez’s tweet claiming mass shootings only happen in the United States.

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