Parkland School Teacher Calls Jewish Student ‘Hitler’ for Being Pro-Gun

Kyle Kashuv

Kyle Kashuv, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student who survived the Valentine’s Day mass shooting, was compared to Hitler by one of his own teachers, after he posted a picture on social media of his visit to a gun range.

Kashuv, whose grandfather survived the Holocaust, has been widely criticized by the political left for advocating for constitutional gun rights in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that killed 17. Many of his fellow classmates, led by David Hogg, have called for gun control, and even gun confiscation, and have become media darlings.

Kyle Kashuv, on the other hand, has been treated as a criminal for his beliefs. And now he is enduring an antisemitic attack.

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Greg Pittman (pictured above right), a history teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has openly criticized Kashuv on Twitter. That is nothing, however, to what he is saying about him in the classroom.

Yesterday, Kashuv tweeted “I just got a call from a friend of mine from @GregPittman1957’s class and he apparently compared me to Hitler in class and said I am a piece of crap. The rant was about 10-minutes during class time and how he was right and I was wrong with my comments.”

According to the Daily Wire, a second student corroborated the story, telling the website “I was in class on April 25th with Gregory Pittman and near the end of class the discussion led to Kyle Kashuv’s tweet about going to the gun range. Pittman expressed that he could not speak badly about Kyle because he was specifically told by administration not to. Pittman began talking about what an ass Kyle was and called him ‘the next Hitler’ and said that he was ‘dangerous’ and something needed to be done about him.”

Kashuv addressed that the school told Pittman not to tweet at him any more.

Pittman took to Twitter to address the controversy, implying he might have made the statements. He has a habit of deleting his tweets, so we have included the text here instead. “I have had fun tonight being attacked since I pointed out why it might be a bad idea to post photos with am assault weapon by a Douglas high Student after the mass shooting we experienced and why the sheriff might check it out,” he said. “While I do own 2 guns, the far right attacks me lol. So by stating what took place, saying it was not bright, and was probably planned to get attention on social media, I am attacked by the student and threaten by others for stating what took place. I am not the police, security or administration. This mob mentality is scary & sad.”

He continued in an additional tweet “I have attacked no one. I said it was not bright to post photos of a gun on social media by a student from Douglas after the mass shooting. Students are afraid to come to school. Security & Broward Sheriff deputies talk to the student due to the post. I just stated what happened.”

Kashuv asked why Pittman himself isn’t being investigated for boasting online that he has guns as well.

Kashuv then wondered why Pittman isn’t being investigated for saying something “need to be done with him.”

Kashuv also took a dig at Pittman.

And it looks like a past retweet is coming back to haunt Pittman, because it was rather stupid.

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