Pastor TERRIFIED After Thugs Leave Disturbing Message Carved into Baptist Church Wall

church vandalized

Religion is the glue that holds a country together. Whether you like it or not, this country was founded on the principles of Christianity, and when we start to lose our faith, we will start to collapse as a country. Unfortunately however, after eight years of race-baiting, ghetto-pimping Obama, many Americans have outright grown to hate Christianity…as has been made evident by this recent expose.

We live in a country where freedom of religion and freedom of speech are supposed to be valued, but more and more each day, the left chips away at these time-honored traditions and pillars of civilization. Disturbingly enough, this only rings even more true after what some vandals wound up scrawling into the side of a Baptist church in South Carolina.

Fox News reports:

UNION, SC (FOX Carolina) – Union County deputies are investigating after vandals carved “Hail Satan” into the flooring at a church.

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Deputies said the vandals struck the Welcome Baptist Church Family Life Center building on Nichols Avenue.

The vandals burned two plastic columns and used a cutting instrument to damage several floorboards, vinyl siding, and a crawl space vent.

No suspects have been identified

Another source, WSPA 7 News, confirms the story with more detail:

UNION, SC (WSPA) – The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a vandalism at an area church.

According to a Union County Sheriff’s Office report, the vandalism happened at Welcome Baptist Church, located at 206 Nichols Ave. on July 6.

The vandalism happened at the Family Life Center behind the church.

Someone burned an upside down cross into a column,  slashed marks in the siding and wrote the words “Hail Satan” on a flood board.

In reference to the “Hail Satan” wording carved into the floor, Care and Mission Director at Welcome Baptist Church David Berry said that “took time.”

“You could see where they sat there and wrote it,” Berry said. “And they took time to burn the pole.”

The church uses the building as its Fellowships Hall, as well as houses an addiction recovery group on Friday nights.

According to the sheriff’s office, $600 worth of damage was done between burns on the column, damage to a vent and slashes on the building’s siding and floorboards.

“Do I get angry? I haven’t had that response,” Berry said. “We’re broken-hearted that somebody would do that to the church.”

A person cleaning the church found the marks on Monday.

A hose was also found running with water behind the building Saturday night as well. No one had walked around to the front of the building then, but the paster told us that it’s possible the vandal or vandals left the hose out of meanness.

At this time, there’s no clear timeline of when the vandalism took place.

Berry said some people in the congregation are asking why this incident took place.

“Probably the most that we’ve seen is people just hurt,” he said. “And people upset.”

Berry said he’ll be sticking to his faith and turning the other cheek following the vandalism.

“I hope we’ll love people even more now because our community’s, you know, all around us right here,” he said. “It’s inundated with people that’s you know made bad choices or didn’t have a good start. And that’s our job as a church, to love them.”

There are security cameras on the church and the sheriff’s office is currently reviewing the footage.

This is the country that we live in, folks. With Antifa members and #BLM thugs rioting and causing violence every day, it’s a gift from God that we were able to get President Trump into office. Let’s just pray that it’s not too late for the lost souls in this country, and that the authorities find the thugs who did this evil crime.

If you’re HORRIFIED that someone would carve “Hail Satan” and vandalize an innocent church that holds addiction recovery meetings, please give this article a share. Thank you.

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