PayPal is yet another example of how double standards are the only ones liberal have…

This is why that if it weren’t for double standards liberals wouldn’t have any.

PayPal drew a line in the sand when North Carolina enacted a law prohibiting people from using the restrooms of the opposite sex, but critics say that line got washed away on the shores of Malaysia, a nation that consistently ranks among the least LGBT-friendly in the world.

The company canceled its plan to build a global operations center in Charlotte after the passage of HB2, which CEO Daniel Schulman called discrimination against the transgendered. He noted that the move would cost North Carolina 400 well-paying jobs.

But Malaysia’s Penal Code 187 — which punishes homosexual conduct with whippings and up to 20 years in prison — did not stop PayPal from opening in 2011 a global operations center there that it estimated would employ 500 workers by 2013.

But PayPal is not an isolated corporation, nor is Malaysia an isolated country.

Whether it’s Apple opening stores in Saudi Arabia or American Airlines looking to dominate the Cuban travel market, many of the companies that have threatened to cut business ties to North Carolina over its bathroom bill are eager to do business in countries with regimes far more repressive of gays (and everyone else).

PayPal’s international headquarters are located in Singapore, where sexual contact between males is punishable by up to two years in prison, and even littering can be punished by flogging. The company has a software development center in Chennai, India, where same-sex marriage is prohibited.

Obviously money is a factor in all of this, but it’s about more than even that.

Liberals are just a bunch of bullies, plain and simple. They target those they think are too weak to withstand their assault, and they cower and fall apart like a wet paper bag in the face of true strength. These other countries don’t believe in civil liberties and have the force of government behind them on their oppressive policies toward homosexuality, bullies like PayPal don’t put up a fight were the resistance is too strong because liberals only take a stand for something if it wont actually cost them anything.

h/t The Washington Times

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