REPORT: Political opponents UNITE against Trump to fantasize about President Pence. There’s a HUGE problem with that…


The latest front on the quest to abort the Trump Administration in it’s infancy is that people are “whispering” their secret desires for Mike Pence to become president.

Stories like this are usually floated out there to get the ball rolling more than they are about reporting something that’s actually going on. Many conservatives may like the idea of Pence becoming President, especially with so much time to go before 2020, but I’ll go over the huge problem with that below.

From Politico:

The scandals clouding Trump’s presidency — including, most recently, his firing of FBI Director James Comey, his alleged leak of classified information to Russian officials, and reports that he urged Comey to drop an investigation into a top aide — have raised once more the possibility that Trump could be pushed aside and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence.

“If what the [New York Times] reported is true, Pence is probably rehearsing,” one House Republican who asked not to be named quipped Wednesday.

OF COURSE it’s an anonymous source. Aren’t they ALL anonymous these days?

A couple of not-so anonymous “sources” Politico could muster are Erick Erickson and Ross Douthat, both whom never wanted Trump to be president in the first place.

Still, some conservatives are hinting that Pence looks like a particularly good alternative right now, especially as the Justice Department moves ahead with a special prosecutor for the FBI’s Russia probe.

Erick Erickson, a conservative pundit who was a strong Never Trumper but then pledged to give the president a chance, wrote on Wednesday that Republicans should abandon the president because they “have no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings.”

And conservative New York Times op-ed writer Ross Douthat, argued that abandoning Trump now should be easier because someone competent is waiting in the wings. “Hillary Clinton will not be retroactively elected if Trump is removed, nor will Neil Gorsuch be unseated,” Douthat wrote in Wednesday’s Times.

The pining for Pence is nothing new, however. From Capitol Hill to K Street, the notion that many Republicans prefer Pence to Trump in the Oval Office is perhaps the worst-kept secret in Washington.

Yes, the reason it’s the worst-kept secret is because it’s the one and only thing the Republican establishment and the mainstream media could be allied on. From the word go Trump’s presidency went from joke the only abortion the GOP loves more than anything else.

I don’t know exactly who is listening to all of this, but one person might be Vice President Pence. He has denied all along having higher ambitions (yeah right, who wants to be VP and never eye the presidency, has to at least cross all of their minds at some point). It looks like he’s taking a huge step in the direction of at least preparing the way.

Here’s the problem with this left-wing/GOP establishment Fantasy

If the GOP is nothing else, it’s seems to be perpetually tone deaf to what voters want. They demonstrated this during the entire 2016 campaign, and they’re doing it now.

Conservatives were happy that Trump picked Pence to be the VP, very happy. However, Trump’s base of support WANTS TRUMP.

Furthermore, Trump did something nobody on the right has been able to even dream of doing in decades. He made the GOP tent BIGGER! He took states (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan) that hadn’t been taken by a Republican presidential candidate in nearly 30 years. That counts for nothing to the ungrateful Republican establishment.

They think the voters Trump brought to the party will find Pence to be an acceptable consolation. Some might, but most wont. They could get there AFTER Trump is given a chance, but not if the party is just going to refuse to have Trump’s back before he’s even given a chance.

Furthermore, Trumps supporters remain quite loyal, it’s that loyalty that defeated the left. Democrats clearly believe they would have a much easier time dispensing with a President Pence, otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting so hard to unseat a populist in favor of someone they complained was too conservative during the campaign.

If the Republican Party wasn’t the party of stupid they would see this and resist the temptation presented by leftist serpents to eat the apple.

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