PEPSI BOYCOTT UPDATE: Pepsi celebrated Obama election in 2009, but trashes Trump

Pepsi Boycott

Pepsi Boycott

Pepsi has been critical of Donald Trump’s election, but in 2009, it celebrated the election of Barack Obama.

After PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi criticized Donald Trump as racist and triggered a Pepsi boycott, there has been extra scrutiny on how Pepsi approaches politics. Nooyi has been an outspoken critic of Trump while voicing support of Barack Obama, so don’t be surprised if Pepsi doesn’t make much of Donad Trump’s inauguration in January. In 2009, however, Pepsi couldn’t contain themselves in celebrating Barack Obama entering the White House.

In 2009, Newsmax reported on Pepsi’s ad campaign, which celebrated the new President as “refreshing” and pushed the whole”hope and change” thing. They even changed their logo to something resembling Obama’s campaign logo and incorporated his “hope” theme into their advertising, as these ad and Pepsi can logos show.

Pepsi Boycott

Newsmax reports.

Pepsi’s “Refresh” crusade encourages people to “speak your mind as a new President prepares to refresh the nation.” It invites people to send an inaugural message to Obama via a YouTube video.

“Help us refresh America,” the video option says. “You can sing, dance, tell a joke — whatever reflects your hope and optimism for the future . . . The best and most popular videos will be featured on this site.”

The Gateway Pundit also posted an image Pepsi used on their website at the time, asking people to celebrate with them as Obama prepares to “refresh the nation” and make America a “much fresher, funnier, more optimistic, much better place.”

Pepsi boycott

Anyone think Pepsi will do ANYTHING like this for Donald Trump?


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