Piers Morgan DESTROYS actress Emma Watson’s feminist rant at MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

Emma Watson

Piers Morgan is sick of Emma Watson and her politically correct gobbledygook.

The Good Morning Britain host tore into the Harry Potter actress in a Daily Mail opinion piece after she delivered a speech at the MTV Movie Awards criticizing notions of gender identity and our antiquated view of humanity. Or something.

Watson has been on a feminist tear lately, targeting just about anyone to the right of her ideology, including President Donald Trump. At Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, she won the “Best Actor” award, which included both actors and actresses in one category, regardless of gender identity. It all seemed a bit too convenient that she won the award and was allowed a platform to deliver her political screed. Now we now, it was too good to be spontaneous. It was staged.

As you watch her speech below, take note that Watson’s entire performance here – her speech and her “surprise” at winning – is faked. It has been revealed that Watson knew ahead of time that she would win. The report says that she even PRACTICED this speech ahead of time. Consider that when you watch this. Consider also that, for all her demands for gender equality, she knew that her male co-nominees had no chance of winning. MTV orchestrated this to give her a platform.

Here are excerpts from Morgan’s response. You can read the entire response by clicking here.

Every time I hear actress – sorry, gender-equal actor – Emma Watson pontificate in public these days, I die just a little bit more.

Of course, this might be her very intention.

But even by Ms Watson’s standards of jabbering, PC-crazed nonsense, she’s now excelled herself.

At last night’s MTV Movie & TV Award, she was the first winner of the inaugural ‘gender-neutral’ Best Actor category.

To ram home the message, ‘non-binary’ (that’s apparently somebody who ‘identifies’ as neither male nor female) actor/actress Asia Kate Dillon, from the show Billions, announced the winner.

‘The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience,’ Ms Watson said.

It certainly does, yes.

It says to me that we’ve all gone barking bloody bonkers.

Gender has become a very complex thing in modern society.

But to me, it’s very simple.

I come from the increasingly unfashionable school of thought that says there are just two genders: male and female.

They are wonderfully similar and compatible in many ways, and very different in others.

I am 100 percent in favor of full gender equality between men and women, and fully supportive of those who wish to transgender because they feel they were born the wrong sex.

But I am 100 percent opposed to the concept of there being 157 different ways (at last count) to ‘self-identify’ one’s gender, and equally opposed to the consequential rising demand for ‘gender neutrality’.

Things are getting so ridiculous now, it won’t be long before Lady Gaga demands maternity units where it is forbidden to say if you have had a boy or girl because the baby is unable to ‘self-identify’.

Think I’m kidding?

In Cardiff, Wales, a university recently tried to have the word ‘mankind’ banned in case it offended anyone.

Is ‘woman’ next for the PC chop because it contains ‘man’?

Where does this madness end?

Not with Emma Watson, that’s for sure.

I am 100 percent opposed to the concept of there being 157 different ways (at last count) to ‘self-identify’ one’s gender
‘Acting is about the ability to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and that doesn’t have to be separated into two different categories,’ she declared in her speech.

Last night, I noticed Ms Watson wore quite an eye-catching racy outfit to accept her gender-neutral award.

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate if she had worn gender-neutral clothes?

Or would that not, as she well knows, have garnered her the global media coverage that she so aggressively coverts with her body – as we saw when she recently went topless for Vanity Fair?

Hot, leggy, sparkly number = lots of attention.

Dull, black trouser-suit… not so much.

I could have bet my entire life’s earnings that the first winner of this gender-neutral MTV award would be a) a woman and b) an outspoken feminist.

It if had been a man, all hell would have broken loose.

But here’s the real problem with trying to create a gender-neutral competitive world: it will never work.

I could have bet my entire life’s earnings that the first winner of this gender-neutral MTV award would be a) a woman and b) an outspoken feminist

Well, let’s take Ms Watson’s thinking to its natural conclusion.

If she truly wants gender-neutral competition, then she should include the Olympic Games in her campaign.

Men and women would no longer compete in the current myriad gender-specific events; instead, they would compete against each other.

I guarantee this idea would last right to the moment we got to the closing ceremony of the first gender-neutral Olympics and women hadn’t won a single medal.

Not because they are less important than, or mentally inferior to, men but because men and women are simply different physiological creatures.

When you put the strongest, most powerful and fastest men up against their female equivalents, the men will invariably win.

So every single medal podium in the gender-neutral Olympics would be men-only.

I think we can all confidently predict what Emma Watson would scream about that:


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