AWESOME: Morally bankrupt tweet critical of AHCA blows up Planned Parenthood’s face

planned parenthood ahca tweet

Following the House’s passage of the AHCA Planned Parenthood leaped into action minutes later with a message from the abortion czar herself, Cecile Richards. What followed was a wonderful lesson in left-wing moral bankruptcy.

If you’re interested in risking your ears bleeding her tweet is below.

Side note: To try to bring some balance of sanity back to this post after sharing such garbage in the spirit of context Mary Katharine Ham posted this piece around the same time reminding normal people that the Obamacare status quo that Richards calls “the fight of our lives.” (because the west’s struggle against radical Islam takes a back seat to abortion rights) isn’t all roses and rainbows.

Back to Richards. The next day in response to another tweet that points out the horror that white male senators have a role in crafting the Senate version of the AHCA she tweeted this gold mine of intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.

First off, I’m not prepared to take someone who makes a living slaughtering fetuses and calling it health care at their word. Even if I wanted to I’d have to remember that when she says she wants women at the table she means left-wing baby-killing zealots like her. Conservative women never count because they’re not real women in the abyss of left’s mind.

Second, not a single Republican had a seat at the table in either chamber of Congress when Obamacare was crafted and then jammed down our throats. So any complaints of exclusion by Democrats is hypocrisy in the highest.

Third make no mistake this is just rhetoric designed to make Planned Parenthood zombies foam at the mouth, Planned Parenthood has no problem with menus when it comes to their services. Which leads us to the next thing…

The pushback Richards received for this was epic:

Obviously these tweets are in reference to the harvesting of baby parts by Planned Parenthood for profit. There rarely is an easier set up to knock down the left, and Richards delivered it on a silver platter.

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