Planned Parenthood: Transgender People Need Access To Abortions Too

Planned Parenthood

According to Planned Parenthood, not just women need access to abortions. They’ve taken the time to educate the unenlightened on all the other genders that need access to not only abortions, but general reproductive services.

Their tweet links to a peppy little article on a website called Everyday Feminism. The article is about all the different genders that apparently take full advantage of their services.

A clip from the article reads:

“Do you think only women need access to abortions and reproductive healthcare?

That’s the common assumption – and it shows up in so many conversations about reproductive rights.

But the truth is that there are transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who need abortion access, too – and society’s assumptions about gender are making that really difficult.”

Somehow, this is an organization that has run a successful propaganda campaign about being only available for the health and wellness of its clients and they have been receiving government funding for years. Thankfully there are still a few American’s that can see through the political correctness and call this for what it is; a ploy to brainwash the impressionable and therefore damage the youth they didn’t get a chance to kill.

It’s almost difficult to be angry with this ridiculousness.

The video linked in the article starts out with this statement by the host:

Jack: I am trans. I am disabled. I am Afro-Latinx. I am nonbinary. I am femme. And not everybody who has a functioning uterus identifies as a woman. Some trans people need access to abortions. Some trans people have periods. Some trans people can get pregnant. Some trans people can get mammograms.

I’m not sure what more can be said to convince America that at a minimum, these people should not be in charge of any one’s health. Even if we took the abortion industry completely out of the mix, if any sane person saw their OBGYN touting the need for prenatal and reproductive care for people of “other genders,” they would cut and run, and rightly so. This is a level of crazy that cannot be ignored.

One good thing may come of all of this, though; if Planned Parenthood keeps this up, conservatives won’t have to discredit them, they are doing a fine job on their own.

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