Playboy Magazine Features First Transsexual Playmate

Hugh Hefner is rolling over in his grave, after a nearly seven decade tradition of having female playmates on the cover of Playboy Magazine was broken. Now, for the first time in history, a transsexual playmate has been named, for the upcoming month of November.

Many Americans have been a fan of the provocative magazine since it saw its first debut in 1953. Once known for its centerfolds of nude and semi-nude playboy Playmates, the men’s magazine company has now turned to social justice with their newest November playmate, Ines Rau.

Return of Kings first picked up on this, noting that “Hugh Hefner is rolling over in his grave.” While many on the far left have praised the magazine for its controversial new position, others have taken offense to the unnatural surgeries used to turn men into women.

“This is a dead cat bounce for Playboy,” one reader on the Roosh V forum wrote. “The magazine will go under in the next 3 years. Hugh is rolling in his grave, but his daughter has been running Playboy into the ground for a long time now so this nonsense shouldn’t be surprising.”

In their write up on the new trend-breaking playmate, Playboy writer Anna del Gaizo takes an interesting stance in regards to what it means to be a woman, saying that being a woman doesn’t mean that you have to be feminine.

In the flesh, Ines has a presence you can feel before you lay eyes on her. “Being a woman doesn’t mean being extremely feminine all the time,” she declares, her voice a seductive Parisian rasp.

“Being a woman is just being a woman.” She’s more petite than her sculpted bone structure and dagger-sharp cheekbones might suggest, but she has the poise of one who has seen the worst and the best life has to offer.

“I always knew from within, when I was a little kid in my room in the ghetto, that a beautiful destiny was waiting for me,” she says. “I don’t know how to explain it. A little voice was telling me, ‘You’ll see. Patience.’ ”

Despite del Gaizo’s views, many Twitter users have disagreed. “So it’s just a guy pretending to be a woman,” Twitter user AdamHargitai007 wrote in response to the latest Playboy Magazine post. “It’s a guy that mutilated himself and thinks he’s a she. Not that hard to comprehend.”

As the debate rages on, many believe Playboy Magazine has gone too far. Proponents of the new social justice move say that we should all be more “accepting,” and “tolerant,” but the opposition has asked a critical question which is often ignored: should we really accept a mental illness?

If you think that getting surgically mutilated doesn’t make you a woman, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!

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