Poem: An open letter to America’s whiny, entitled college students

Saw this pop up on my Facebook feed and couldn’t help but share it here. It is fantastic.

Dear entitled college student,

They were issued combat boots to storm Normandy. You just tie your Nike shoe laces.

You throw tantrums against Freedom of Speech. Iwo Jima and Nazi Europe were their safe spaces.

They dug trenches in the blistering heat. You hold a protest sign while carrying a bottle of Gatorade in hand.

You’ve distorted the idea of what it means to have courage and really take a stand.

Courage is not getting arrested for attacking police.

It’s the heroes who took their last breaths at Omaha Beach.

It’s not trying to redefine equality or what means to care for an individual.

It’s the way your great grandfather showed the world to stand up for principle.

And you want $15.00 an hr because you think that you deserve it.

It’s not in Hard Work We Trust for you, it’s entitlement that you worship.

You want it free, me, now and then you act like an angry toddler when your demands aren’t met.

If only you were comic relief for our World War 2 vets.

Yet, I bet some are rolling in their graves.

A few I know have specifically told me that what you do isn’t brave.

But that you’re selfish and fail to acknowledge blessings all around you.

If you just took a few minutes to count them, the amount would astound you.

You live in the greatest country in the world with more freedom and opportunity than any other place on earth.

And it’s been like that ever since your birth.

Yet, you still scream and cry because you’re convinced that what you’re doing is right.

If you think things are unfair now, the real world will feel like a King Cobra’s bite.

And you won’t be able to reverse the venom or crippling sting.

Until you stop getting offended by every single little thing.

Until you stop assassinating the character of those who don’t agree with your view.

Outside of your Fairy Tale Campus, most people don’t see it like you.

And if that doesn’t happen eventually, our world will go dark.

America the Beautiful will be America Ripped Apart.

At this point, if a grave evil like the Nazis ever returned and the free world needed people to fight.

I’m not sure you’d have the guts to actually do what is right.

And that’s the kind of thing that keeps World War 2 veterans that I know up at night.

By Justen Charters.

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