NICE! Poland SHUTS DOWN NBC stooge after trying to sneak extra question to President Trump (VIDEO)

poland trump duda press conference

During President Trump’s visit to Poland he held a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda that included what is (hopefully) becoming a trademark snubbing of the mainstream media and their liberal bias.

As has happened with other press conferences involving the Trump Administration this one ended on a fun little note. (See an great example of that here)

This time Hallie Jackson of NBC (her shilling for liberal narratives is well documented by the Media Research Center and Newsbusters, check it out here) tried to bite off more then she was given to chew and was promptly shut down for it.

It’s not unexpected to see Poland having President Trump’s back, so to speak, in handling a hostile liberal press corp. That country is one of the only sane countries left in Europe, especially as it pertains to national security and immigration from the Middle East (see their fantastic response to the London terror attacks here).

Unlike many of our other “allies” Poland actually acts like one.

From The Gateway Pundit.

NBC White House Correspondent and hack, Hallie Jackson, got SHUT DOWN during President Trump’s press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday.

Hallie Jackson tried to pin the president down on the reported Russian hacks during the election. When he wouldn’t bite she tried to slip in a third question on Obama.

When Hallie tried to sneak in a third question from the US president the Poles stepped in.

“Dear Lady… it was two questions. Thank you very much. “

And with that President Trump and President Duda left the stage.

See the video of the full press conference below. You can jump to the part with Jackson’s questions starting at the 1:14:08 mark.

Even if you disagree with Trumps style you have to admit it’s nice to see the arrogant and blatantly dishonest mainstream media finally be put on their heels. It has been a long time coming.

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