POLL: 73% of Democrats WOULD GIVE UP THIS SURPRISING THING FOREVER to get Trump impeached

Democrats are getting seriously desperate


Democrats are still unable to come to terms with Donald Trump being president. Their latest fantasy scenario demonstrates just how desperate they are over the current situation.

According to a new poll, Democrats are willing to give up a beloved thing forever if it meant getting Trump impeached. If the Democrats who answered this poll are anything like the Democrats I know, this is a pretty big concession. You’ll see what I mean.

The poll proves that Democrats are seriously desperate to get Trump out of office. In addition, it appears a handful of Republicans would do the same thing.

Fox 4 in Dallas reports on the poll, and the surprising answer they gave.

A new poll says 73 percent of Democrats would forever give up drinking if it meant President Trump would get impeached tomorrow.

The poll, which was conducted by detox.net, also surprisingly found that 17 percent of Republicans would stop drinking if it meant Trump’s tenure as president would end.

Also according to the poll, 30.6 percent of Republicans would give up drinking if it meant the media would stop writing negative things about President Trump.

Let’s give them their little dream. Just be glad it won’t happen. Who wants a bunch of sober liberals anyway?

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