Poll suggests Trump would almost instantly reduce the size of government upon being elected


In all honesty I call BS on this poll. Being a government employee with the benefits, job security, and utter lack of accountability is like the 21st century American Dream of impersonal responsibility funded by the pursuit of other people’s happiness.

It’s a sweet gig and I don’t think these (mostly, probably) redundant grandstanding federal deficit contributing c*** teasers would actually follow through (emphasis in bold is mine):

Donald Trump leads the Republican field among federal employees, but many still say they would never work for him.

One in four federal workers would consider leaving their jobs if Trump were elected president, according to a new survey conducted by the Government Business Council, Government Executive Media Group’s research arm. About 14 percent of respondents said they would definitely consider leaving federal service under President Trump, while an additional 11 percent said they might. The findings indicate those leaving government would come from agencies’ top ranks, as a majority of respondents were in General Schedule positions GS-13 and higher.

Nearly as many Democrats said they would consider leaving in a Trump administration as would definitely stay, the survey found. Among Democrats, 42 percent said they would consider leaving, while 48 percent would not. Just 8 percent of Republican feds would consider refusing to work in a Trump presidency.

For the sake of discussion if they really would leave their jobs Donald Trump would do more to shrink the Federal government by merely being elected than any Republican ever elected, ever.

I know I’m being harsh on federal government employees, it’s not just because government has such a terrible reputation that is self-inflicted, but also because a majority of them (56%) would support a third term of Obama.

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