Portland stabbing murderer was a BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER who crashed Trump rallies (VIDEO)

Jeremy Christian

Jeremy Christian, the man who stabbed two good samaritans to death on a Portland train, is being portrayed in the media as a right-wing extremist inspired by President Trump. However, they are willfully ignoring the truth: Christian was a mentally disturbed man who has claimed to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. There is even video (featured below) of Christian stirring trouble by pretending to be a Trump supporter at a rally.

In truth, it would be unfair to blame Bernie Sanders and his politics for these murders, just as it would be unfair to say Trump inspired them. Reporters looking into Christian’s social media history find a man motivated by hate of everyone on the left and right. Politics was just an excuse. For the media, however, the incident is being used to paint Trump as responsible for inspiring the murders.

Media reports have been quick to link Christian to the Trump movement. Here is how Good Morning America is reporting on the murders. Christian stabbed two people who tried to stop him from verbally attacking two Muslim women. Note how the opening paragraph of the report tries to link the incident to Trump’s election.

From GMA (via Yahoo).

Civil rights advocates say the stabbings in Portland, Oregon, that left two people dead and one injured come amid an increase in incidents of hate speech and hate crimes around the country since the 2016 presidential election.

Jeremy Joseph Christian of North Portland has been arrested in connection with the stabbings on a light-rail train in Portland on Friday afternoon. A preliminary investigation by the Portland Police Bureau indicates that Christian, 35, was on the train “yelling various remarks that would best be characterized as hate speech toward a variety of ethnicity and religions.” He has not as yet been charged with a hate crime but does face multiple charges.

At least two of the people Christian stabbed had tried to intervene and calm the suspect, police said.

The truth, however, is that Christian was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter. Although he seemed to admire Trump at one point, it seemed it was motivated only by his hate for Hillary. He has called Trump the anti-Christ in his Facebook feed, and then tried to discredit his followers. He was even caught on video masquerading as a Trump supporter at protests, just to get attention and stir up trouble.

Mike Cernovich has done a superb job compiling the evidence against Christian. His Twitter feed is filled with links and information on Christian’s motivations.

There is also this tweet by John Cardillo.

JJ McNabb of Forbes, who reports on domestic, anti-government extremism, correctly points out that Christian cannot be defined by politics alone. His mental illness seems to be the main reason we have two innocent victims today. Politics was an excuse, it seemed.

Even so, it is clear that the media is ignoring his connections to Bernie Sanders and will play up the Trump angle. “If you want to pigeonhole this guy into a convenient ‘normal’ category (Christian, liberal, conservative, white) so you can use him to score political points, you’re going to be frustrated, because this guy is driven by what he hates, not what he supports,” she tweeted.

Here is video of Christian crashing a “free speech” protest in Portland, attempting to impersonate a Trump supporter. However, he is seen arguing with Trump supporters, who reported him to police. Officers did nothing to stop him.

And still, the media spin of Jeremy Christian continues.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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