Prediction: Trump’s most wild-eyed, crazed, and fascistic haters will end up being one of his best assets

The noise makers, sirens, “boom” sticks. Then there’s the hateful shouting, and middle fingers, and more f-bombs than real ones dropped in war…

I’m telling you, these pieces of you-know-what are going to help Trump more than they’ll hurt him. You have a bunch of kids who look like degenerates, engaging in fascistic tactics like silencing their opposition, and spewing hatred at people who are conducting themselves in a calm and civil manner, all they while accusing THEM of all the things they are actually doing.

I know we live in an upside down world, but people are going to see this and be sympathetic to Trumps campaign, because like I tell my own kids having a temper tantrum guarantees that nobody will want to give you what you want.

On a side note, this weirdo…


Was also in this video. I wonder if it’s from the same event.

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