President Trump gets his own baseball card – HERE’S HOW TO GET IT!

Trump baseball card

Here’s something Hillary Clinton will never get – her own presidential baseball card!

On June 28, the Chicago Cubs visited the White House to be congratulated by President Trump on their historic World Series win. While there, the Cubs presented Mr. Trump with a special #45 jersey with his name on it.

The moment was captured by the Topps company, who makes the official cards of Major League Baseball, and the Trump baseball card commemorating the moment is part of the “Topps Now” set. These cards mark game highlights and historic events during each day of the baseball season, and the cards themselves are available to purchase online for one day only. After that, they are no longer offered and are never made again.

As a “print-on-demand” card made only for one day, the Trump baseball card will be extremely limited. In fact, you only have until midday on Friday, June 30 to order one. The card isn’t cheap – it is $9.99 for the single card. As a piece of historical and baseball memorabilia, however, it sure is cool.

You can order your President Trump baseball card by clicking here and visiting the official Topps baseball card website.


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