President Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton on Twitter with a Meme, Triggering Outrage From the Left

Trump tweet

President Donald Trump tweeted on a number of issues Sunday morning, from the Travel Ban to North Korea to terrorism. His best tweet, however, was a retweet of a meme directed at political rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump took to Twitter and went on a retweet frenzy Sunday morning, mixing in a few new observations as well. One retweet, however, featured an animated meme of President Trump hitting a golf ball, which is then cut to doctired video to make it appear as if the ball hits Hillary Clinton while she’s boarding a plane, knocking her over.

Here is the tweet.

When President Trump retweets political memes of any kind, Democrats and liberals respond with anger and condemnation. His recent retweet of a “Trump Train” meme after the Charlottesville riots led to accusations that he was encouraging violence.

As in that case, the common response from liberals to the Trump tweet was that he was promoting violence against women, namely Hillary.

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