President Trump puts women in leadership positions in his White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The mainstream media won’t mention it, but President Trump has put women in a number of major leadership positions in his White House and his administration.

The idea of President Trump championing women doesn’t fit the narrative the media likes to push, so they won’t point it out. However, Kerry Picket of The Daily Caller shed some light on some of his recent moves, including appointing Sarah Huckabee Sanders to replace Sean Spicer as press secretary. That means the White House, Pentagon, and State Department all have women as spokespersons. Even John Kirby of CNN called the moves “noteworthy.”

Former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert (pictured above) became the State Department spokesperson in April. Nauert cut her teeth covering foreign and domestic issues for Fox News, and worked as a correspondent covering war zones and military actions around the world.

Dana W. White currently serves as assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. She once served on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and was also a foreign policy adviser for the presidential campaign of Arizona Republican Senator John McCain.

In President Trump’s cabinet are two women: Elaine Chao is Secretary of Transportation and Betsy DeVos is Secretary of Education. DeVos was a controversial choice to many in the media and inside the Washington beltway. She supports a number of anti-establishment initiatives, and ultimately hopes to see the Department of Education dismantled, with the powers and responsibilities returned to the states.

Among the cabinet-level positions in the Trump administration you will find former Gov. Nikki Haley as the ambassador to the United Nations, and Linda McMahon (the former CEO of the WWE) as the administrator of the Small Business Administration.

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