Is President Trump Really Cutting ‘Meals on Wheels’ for the Elderly?

You heard it from the liberal mainstream media, President Trump hates the elderly right?

After all, he released a budget cutting Meals on Wheels (MOW) funding right?

Hold on to your hats readers, the mainstream media may have mislead you. Again.

As reported by the Cato Institute:

“It made for great copy — irresistibly clickable and compulsively shareable. “Trump’s Budget Would Kill a Program That Feeds 2.4 Million Senior Citizens,” blared Time’s headline. “Trump Proposed Budget Eliminates Funds for Meals on Wheels,” claimed The Hill, in a piece that got 26,000 shares.

But it was false. And it wouldn’t have taken long for reporters to find and provide some needed context to the relationship between federal block grant programs, specifically Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and the popular Meals on Wheels program.”

What are the facts?

MOW is not primarily funded by block grants. MOW funding is provided by the Older Americans Act and this funding has not been cut.

The block grants that were cut are commonly referred to as pork barrel projects. A pork barrel project is a project created with the specific goal of bringing money to a representative’s district. For this reason, these projects a prime targets for budget cuts. Pork barrel spending Is typically frivolous and wasteful.

Conservative America monitors government pork barrel spending using established criteria every year and publishes it’s findings.

Some examples include:

$20,000,000 for the Pentagon do develop algae bio-fuel costing $400 per gallon.
Vague education grants. Repeat large grants to “improve” a region, typically duplicates services already available to an area with no measurable improvement.

The group notes these pork barrel projects that are typically vague, duplicative, and expensive. Millions have been spent on these types of projects. Often these projects continues for years with ongoing increasing budgets despite failures to meet the specified goal. The common denominator, no clear outcome or benefit.

Does this say that MOW is somehow a pork barrel project or not needed? Not at all.

MOW is a program that is sometimes augmented by block grants. But as stated above, these block grants are not the primary funding source for MOW.

Yet because wasteful spending was targeted, the liberal media twisted the positive budget cuts into a negative story line.

Americans should expect their resources to be spent wisely.

The average American understands that resources are finite. We all have a home budget. If the money is running out, cuts must be made somewhere. As in any budget, the first thing is to cut the fat. President Trump is a business man and understands the need to be fiscally responsible.

Cuts to pork barrel projects is a no-brainer. Well, for anyone who understands how budgets work.

In summation, funding has not been cut to MOW. Funds have been cut to excess, vague and duplicative services. Something a responsible adult would do in his or her own budget.

Our elderly are not duplicative or unnecessary and anyone who would purposely exploit this group for political gain, as the main stream media is doing, deserves the loss of readership they will most certainly earn.

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