President Trump’s CLASSY GESTURE TO A MARINE is lighting up the internet (VIDEO)

Trump Marine

President Trump is back home from the G20 Summit in Germany, but his actions on the ground once he arrived back home are causing a stir.

Upon landing at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, President Trump exited Air Force One and headed over to Marine One, the helicopter that ferries him from the White House when a limo is impractical.

As he approached the helicopter, the Marine on guard at the stairs to Marine One had the hat to his dress blues blow off due to the running helicopter blades. The President picked up the hat and returned it to him, only to have it blow off again. Trump was not going to let it get away, and picked it up a second time.

In contrast, President Obama rarely gave his Marines the same consideration and respect. Remember, Obama is the same President who saluted a Marine with a cup of coffee in his saluting hand, a disgraceful and disrespectful gesture by Marine standards.

Here is the video.

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