Pro-illegal immigration wall at college is “VANDALIZED” by people who believe in rule of law.

A lot of emphasis is put on stressing that kids should go to college, starting in elementary school and continuing in the culture at large. Having gone to college as well I’m not sure it’s all that worthwhile anymore. I think some sort of education beyond high school is necessary and vital, but a four-year university shoudn’t be the given.

I’ve come to this conclusion through posts like this one out of Britain, but there are too many stories of fascism in America’s campuses as well. This is just the latest (emphasis in bold is mine:

A demonstration at Loyola Marymount University meant to express support for students who entered the country illegally became the site of controversy this week, after a wall that was part of a presentation was defaced.

Students at the Westside campus had planned a number of activities as part of “No Human Being Is Illegal” week, which was intended to show solidarity with immigrant students.

Organizers erected a wall made of Styrofoam and foil on a plaza near the library, and spray painted phrases such as “No Human being is illegal,” “stop deportations” and “#Not1more.”

The mere existence of illegal immigrants isn’t the issue, their act of entering the country illegally is the point. These dishonest little leftist snowflakes are right that “no human is illegal,” unless and except when they don’t pay the Obamacare fine, but I digress.

Another phrase, “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner,” quoted a bible passage from Exodus. But some time Monday evening, the wall was vandalized, with the word “Trump” scrawled over the bible quote and “Deport all illegals” written in another area, in reference to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and one of his signature positions.

The vandalism was first reported in the campus publication the Loyolan…

This is “vandalism”…

Image source.

If this were a wall protesting illegal immigration and it had “racist” written over it that would be considered thoughtful dissent to these hypocrites…that’s assuming they wouldn’t just tear the whole thing down and throw it in the garbage.

As for the Bible quote, nobody is calling for “oppression” or “mistreatment.” Entering the country illegally isn’t something that’s theoretical, and deportation of someone here illegally isn’t any more oppressive than it is to put a criminal in jail for other crimes.

One of the organizers, Diana Delgado, said that she and other students were dismayed by the hatred…

The resulting conversations have felt like a potential silver lining, said literature professor Rubén Martinez.

“The community is asking itself a lot of questions about free speech,” Martinez said.

He said some of his students felt comfortable “coming out as Republicans” in class.

Oh, what a relief that the label “Republican,” which is only one of the two major political parties in the country, is something people can be made to feel “comfortable” admitting to. What an unprecedented win for free speech.

So, for the record, standing in “solidarity” with a criminal act is NOT vandalism. Sharing a point of view that favors the enforcement of immigration law is vandalism. Why would I want to pay six-figures of my money for my children to be taught such backward thinking?

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