Professor’s 800,000 Fraudulent Vote Study Based On Old, Stale Data- It’s A Different World Today!

The Claim of 800,000 Illegal Votes Was Not Based on Facts

The Washington Times recently released an article that 800,000+ votes from non citizens were in favor of Clinton. I am not surprised at this number, matter of fact I am only surprised it is not a larger number. Although this study helped drive the point home there was in fact voter fraud, there is something awry with this study.

Associate Professor Jesse Richman at Old Dominion University just released a report of the voter fraud and detailed the finding is his blog here. Richman is a professor of Political Science, Geography and International Studies.

There are some very big problems with this study. Richman himself released another blog soon after that claimed he does not support the Washington Times report on his information.

Dear Washington Times,

As a primary author cited in this piece, I need to say that I think the Washington Times article is deceptive. It makes it sound like I have done a study concerning the 2016 election. I have not. What extrapolation I did to the 2016 election was purely and explicitly and exclusively for the purpose of pointing out that my 2014 study of the 2008 election did not provide evidence of voter fraud at the level some Trump administration people were claiming it did. I do not think that one should rely upon that extrapolation for any other purpose. And I do not stand behind that extrapolation if used for ANY other purpose.

Best Regards,

Jesse Richman

The article referenced above from the Washington Post cherry picks what they want from Richman’s blog and then summarizes it to fit their narrative. The Washington Times article seems to be bolstering Trump, whereas Mr. Richman’s blog above is seemingly trying to derail the argument saying “It wasn’t millions of votes and therefore Trump is wrong.”

I think Jesse Richman missed the mark here, he only proved Trump right or still could be right.

In defense of the Washington Times, I think there are some things that need to be considered carefully.

Considering the article by Mr. Richman is a hypothesis backed by an outdated formula, not fact, President Trump can not conclusively be wrong. This means Trump cannot be proven wrong, nor held in contempt because he was off by a margin.

The article clearly states that Richman’s findings did not change since 2014, because (he believes) no new data has supported any change.

However, I beg to differ.

In the original article Richman states:

Here I run some extrapolations based upon the estimates for other elections from my coauthored 2014 paper on non-citizen voting.  You can access that paper on the journal website here and Judicial Watch has also posted a PDF.  The basic assumptions on which the extrapolation is based are that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted, and that of the non-citizens who voted, 81.8 percent voted for Clinton and 17.5 percent voted for Trump.  These were numbers from our study for the 2008 campaign.  Obviously to the extent that critics of my study are correct the first number (percentage of non-citizens who voted) may be too high, and the second number (percentage who voted for Clinton) may be too low.

In my opinion, this blog only confirms that Trump was correct, illegal aliens voted and did so in favor of Clinton. Therefore, the Washington Times premise is true and correct . However, the blog is not factual itself and has no way of verifying the claims specifically.

Mr. Richman himself even states as much in the original blog.

“This post is not intended to make a specific claim on my part concerning how many non-citizens voted in 2016.”

He goes on to say how things may have and did change since his original study in 2008.

The fact is, this study has no bearing on the 2016 election at all. It was a study done in a different time, in a different economy, with a different president, different emotions driving people and a different party winning the election.

Many things have changed and since then many illegal immigrants have become “citizens” under Obama and the lackadaisical Democrats.

Keep in mind, Mr. Richman’s blog is admittedly based on outdated material and therefore a false formula.

A large overlooked factor that Mr. Richman fails to notice is our former Commander in Chief giving the go ahead to Illegals to “get out there and make their voices heard!”

I don’t believe George Bush Jr. said anything similar in favor of McCain in 2008… yet another factor that changed the narrative.

What Started the Backlash and Heads Exploding From the Left?

In a series of tweets, President Trump said there would be an investigation into massive voter fraud from illegal aliens. This got the leftist libtards up in arms immediately. God forbid, their deceptive practices get some light shone upon them.

It is as they say, “shine a light in a corner and watch the rats scurry about.”

If the Democrats have nothing to hide, what is the problem with doing a proper investigation? Why skirt the subject and rely on a 2008 study, when so many factors have changed?

After all, Democrats and Jill Stein back a massive recount in 3 key states for voter fraud. Except they only found out the voter fraud occurred on their side and Trump actually gained some votes.

Well, that must’ve been embarrassing.

I guess I would be a little nervous too if I was about to be illuminated as a fraud for all the world to see.

We should have a system we can trust on both sides of the party lines. We should have voter ID laws to ensure laws are not being broken and voter fraud is not occurring on either side of the isle.

President Obama Panders to Illegal Votes on Live TV November 2016

Before he was replaced by the lawful electoral college system, Barrack Hussein Obama literally told illegal citizens to vote.

Not to worry, no one will find you nor will you get in trouble.

So let us break this down and think logically about this for a moment….

It’s not likely in our current system that Illegal immigrants that voted would get prosecuted or even found. Without voter ID laws, it’s all fair game. Joe Schmoe from Bangladesh can come over and vote for the election and go on about his illegal activities.

As is stated in the video above, since 1996 it is a federal crime to any undocumented citizens to vote in an election.
But in all honesty, when has the law been enforced?

We have a sitting President campaigning for a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state who is getting major donations from known terror-sponsoring nations. She was doing backroom deals with many people to ensure her win, and pandering directly to minority voters, to include illegal aliens.

You have the current president telling illegal aliens, that shouldn’t be here, if they go out and vote we are pretty much guaranteeing that you will be protected and have nothing to worry about. He is fundamentally telling voters who should have no rights in our country, to vote in the Democrats’ interest.

Is the recurring word “Illegal” jumping off the page to anyone else?

It would seem the Dems just don’t have a problem with pushing illegal activities. Such as funding terrorism in Syria, running guns to cartels in Mexico (Fast and Furious scandal), illegal spying on US citizens and many more scandals.

On a larger scale, this behavior comes to fruition and trickles into the Democratic followers’ actions as well. Not to mention the extreme brainwashing and various PsyOp’s being used by Democrats to socially engineer people who run from common sense and embrace counter intuitive arguments.

This, among many other facts, is why I turned away from the Democratic Party recently.

It is embarrassing and uncouth to riot, burn the cities and cripple our country from within. After all, we have very real threats from other countries (that is if you’re living in the real world).

Illegal people shouldn’t be here, they are here illegally. They should wait in line and have to earn their piece of the American dream like everyone else, legally. They damn sure shouldn’t be making plans or voting in our country, the one I fought for so we can be free, have liberty, happiness, and justice for all.

I served with immigrants who joined the armed forces and put their lives on the line for our country just to have the chance to become a legal U.S. citizen. Little did they know they can instead jump over a rickety fence and squat in an abandoned house to be welcomed with open arms by the Democrats.

There is a very good reason I can’t go to other countries and vote for their highest office. It would be easy for some country with bad intentions to falsely elect a leader and cripple that country. Imagine if someone who wanted to make America not America  – but maybe North Korea or Iran – got elected? It would be infiltration of the highest levels of espionage.

Wait, that didn’t just happen for the last 8 years?

The facts are that illegal citizens voted and were encouraged to do so. What has yet to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt is how many.

As shown above, even a Democratic sympathizer Jesse Richman agrees with that assumption.

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