Quentin Tarantino Under Fire for Defending a Child Rapist – Hear What He Said (VIDEO)

Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is having to apologize for an interview he once gave shock jock Howard Stern, in which he his heard defending a child rapist – for eight disgusting minutes.

The interview (included below) was conducted in 2003, and when Stern called out Tarantino for his support of Roman Polanski, a noted director convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl, the Pulp Fiction director doubled down and referred to the child as a “party girl” who wanted to have sex with Polanski.

Even when Stern points out the young girl’s testimony indicating she did not want to have sex, Tarantino refused to criticize Polanski’s actions, insisting the incident was not technically rape.

Tarantino has been a long-time friend and collaborator with disgraced film producer and accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, who has produced all of his major films, including Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series.

The Daily Mail has more.

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A 15-year-old interview in which Quentin Tarantino passionately defends Roman Polanski has resurfaced amid controversy over Uma Thurman’s near-fatal crash while filming Kill Bill.

The actress spoke about the car crash in an interview with the New York Times last week, in which she also alleged she was sexually assaulted by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

Responding to the piece, Tarantino said the stunt was the ‘biggest regret of his life.’

Now, audio from a Howard Stern interview with the director in 2003 – in which he spends more than eight minutes defending Polanski – is going viral.

Polanski was charged with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, but fled to France before his sentencing.

Despite this, Tarantino insisted Polanski was not a rapist and claimed the girl ‘was down to party with Roman’ – despite co-host Robin Quivers reminding him that she had been drugged and plied with alcohol.

‘He didn’t rape a 13-year-old. It was statutory rape, that’s not quite the same thing,’ Tarantino said.

‘He had sex with a minor. That’s not rape. To me, when you use the word rape, you’re talking about violent, throwing them down… it’s like one of the most violent crimes in the world.

‘You can’t throw the word ‘rape’ around, it’s like throwing the word ‘racist’ around. It doesn’t apply to everything people use it for. He was guilty of having sex with a minor.’

Shockingly, Tarantino continued: ‘She wanted to have it. Dated the guy… and by the way, we’re talking about America’s morals, we’re not talking about the morals in Europe and everything.’

When Stern questioned why a ‘grown man’ didn’t understand that sex with a minor was wrong, Tarantino again jumped to Polanski’s defence.

‘Look, she was down with it and she’s talked about it. I’m right, she’s talked about it. Now she’s an adult, she’s got a whole other story.’

After a transcript of the victim’s testimony is read out, Tarantino doubled down.

‘Of course she’s gonna say this because she knows she was in trouble with her mom,’ he said.

‘His version sounds more likely, sounds really really more likely.’

When asked why Polanski couldn’t just get a woman his own age, Tarantino replied: ‘He likes girls!’

Here is audio of the interview.

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