Q&A: Why Didn’t Romney BLAST Obama Like He Did Trump?



Why do you think Romney didn’t go after Obama the same way he’s going after Trump now? Instead he actually agreed more with Obama:

Here’s what Romney had to say about stopping Donald Trump:

“I’ve wanted to be involved in the campaign, if you will, as a bit of a referee. When there were some foul balls, be able to call them and see if I can’t keep people guided on the path to becoming our next president. But the time came when Donald Trump’s outrage had reached such a level that I simply had to speak out. You get to the point where you say, your grandkids are going to say to you, ‘Papa, what did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ I had to finally get out and speak,”

Romney is no longer relevant, he is obviously starved for political attention. He needs to stand down and let the election take it’s course without his intervention. At this point he can no good for Republicans with attacks on Trump and should cease and desist. Attacking Trump only seems to make him stronger and his followers even more determined.

This aggression will only help to clear the path for Hillary Clinton. I personally am not a Trump fan at this point but I certainly with a doubt will vote for the man to help keep the criminal Clinton machine out of the White House if he is nominated.

Where was this aggression when he ran against Barack Obama, the worst president in American history? No thanks to him, America has now been “fundamentally transformed” and he’s looking like nothing more than just another pathetic, establishment hack.

Every day it’s looking more like Trump may be that nominee. He may very well be the guy that will have to take down the wicked witch of Washington. This country can not afford four  years of corrupt Hillary Clinton. Go home Romney,  you’ve had your chance.


Image source: Clash Daily


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