Radical College Professor Caught on Video Praising Terrorists, Calling for Violence (VIDEO)

Randa Jarrar

The college professor who celebrated the death of Barbara Bush also once praised terrorists, and called for more terror violence to achieve leftist goals, according to a recently discovered video.

California State University at Fresno professor Randa Jarrar made headlines last week when she tweeted that former First Lady Barbara Bush was an “amazing racist.” She later said she was glad the “witch was dead” because she raised a war criminal in her son, George W. Bush. Jarrar is Arab and Muslim and opposed Bush’s War on Terror. She has refused to apologize, and boasted that she would never be fired because she has tenure at the university.

Jarrar was already on leave from the university, and officials there have condemned her statements, and also stated her tenure does not prevent her from being fired. They have not made a decision on her punishment, however.

A new video posted to YouTube may force the university to act soon, however. In it, Jarrar criticizes leftists who don’t take harsher action for their cause, pointing that leftist domestic terrorists often carried out bombings in the 1960s and 1970s.

The video also includes other controversial comments by Jarrar, mocking farmers who support Trump and calling for more domestic violence.

The Fresno Bee details the comments in the video.

In one clip featured in the video, Jarrar is discussing Fresno’s agriculture industry and says “a lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid.” In another, she says she can’t stand “the white, hetero patriarchy.”

Also in the video, Jarrar criticizes what she sees as Democrats’ inaction on political issues, pointing to “resistance fighters” in the 1960s and ’70s who hijacked planes.

“I don’t give a f—. I’m buying guns. I’m an American. I’m buying guns,” she says in one video clip. “The other side is, like, doing some stupid s—. I’m gonna do some stupid s—. I’m tired of, like, being the bigger person — literally am usually — but, like, I’m also just tired of the left being, like, f—ing stupid and being like, ‘No we have to like be gentle’ … no, don’t be f—— gentle.'”

Jarrar seemed unapologetic about the clips in the video, calling it “iconic” and posting a link to her own Twitter followers on Friday. “A troll made a beautiful clip of all my recent greatest hits,” she said.

While Jarrar continues to stand by her statements, she has now set her Twitter account to private.

In an interview that appears to be intended as a promotion for one of her books, Jarrar takes issue with her “white friends on the left” writing letters to oppose Steve Bannon, the controversial former White House strategist and Breitbart News leader.

“F— your postcards,” she says in the video. “That’s enough. Like, f—ing get out there and do some s—.”

In the same interview, Jarrar asks why “Spencer’s house is still standing.” It is unclear who Jarrar is referencing in the video clip. One possibility is nationally known white supremacist Richard Spencer.

“It needs to be f—ing broken into,” she said. “People need to f—ing throw grenades into it. I don’t give a f—.”

Jarrar’s comments in the videos are sometimes received with laughter or applause, but in other instances — like during a speech at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis — people walk out in protest, something Jarrar seems used to.

“I’m so proud when people walk out of my talks,” she says in the video.

She also shouts an eyebrow-raising goodbye at the people leaving the room.

“Sorry, guys,” she says. “Your kids masturbate.”

Here is the video of Jarrar’s comments.

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