RARE VIDEO: Trump Destroys CNN Reporter in 1990 – LITERALLY Drops The Mic, Walks Off!

1990 Interview cnn reporter

It looks like Donald Trump has been fighting against the biased, liberal-controlled fake news media since the 1990’s.

In this newly resurfaced clip, back from 1990, Donald Trump blatantly calls CNN out for spreading lies and deceit. He then proceeds to drop the mic, stand up, and walk away.

Here are some key highlights from the video:

Donald Trump: “When people say something false, I attack those people, because the news gets away with murder. The news media, they get away with murder.”

Donald Trump: “It’s very tough in terms of libel laws, because the media’s so protected, and it’s ridiculous that they’re so protected, but they can write virtually anything. The difference is, with me, at least they pay some price—and I think that more people should have that attitude, and I think you’d find a lot more accurate reporting. Including yours.”

He’s right about paying a price, that’s for sure. Ever since the fake liberal media started quote-mining Donald Trump and pushing lies about him, he’s ruthlessly called them out…and now that he’s the President of the United States, they’re absolutely terrified that their fake narrative is coming crumbling down.

CNN Reporter: “What was inaccurate so far?”

Donald Trump: “Uh, I thought your demeanor was inaccurate. I thought that questions that you were posing to people in my organization were inaccurate, and false, and unfair—”

CNN Reporter: “The questions by definition can’t be inaccurate, they’re questions.”

Donald Trump: “Well, I think the questions themselves were put in such a way that made them statements, and they became statements as opposed to questions. I think that’s not good reporting.

CNN Reporter: “Such as?”

Donald Trump: “It doesn’t matter. I don’t think your viewers would be very interested in it, nor do I want to embarrass you.”

Again, almost 30 years later, and more and more people are starting to realize that Donald Trump is right. The media claims to be unbiased, because they “just ask questions,” but if you look at the questions they ask, you’ll always see a pattern.

They always ask questions that imply the following things:

  • Only whites are racist
  • Pro-American policies are hateful
  • Christians are hateful
  • Islam is a peaceful religion
  • Donald Trump is dishonest
  • Hillary is extremely qualified
  • …and more

Every single question that the fake news media asks isn’t so much a question, but a calculated implication meant to guide the conversation in a certain way and influence public opinion.

CNN Reporter: “Those in the financial community I’m talking about, and we talked about this on the phone, who have said, and this is them saying it, not me—”

Donald Trump: “This is them? Who do you mean by them? This is 1 or 2 people, and what about the positive people?”

CNN Reporter: “5 or 6”

CNN Reporter: “But the ones who said negative things—”

Donald Trump: “Here we are. Back to the negative.”

Donald Trump: “You know what? Do this interview with somebody else.”

The fake news reporter then proceeds to act innocent claiming that they “talked about this yesterday on the phone,” and Donald Trump doesn’t have it. He walks away, with his head held high, knowing that he won’t willingly play their games.

Again, this is another tactic that the fake news media uses. They’ll say they’re going to talk about something like “foreign policy,” and then when you get there, they’ll spin EVERYTHING you say in the most negative way possible, only ask leading questions, and selectively edit the clips.

It’s high time we stop tuning into the fake news, because every person watching them gives them more money from advertisements. Find sources you trust, and bookmark them. We need to start supporting REAL news.

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