Ratings for the Anti-Trump Emmys Were So Bad, They Made History

Emmy ratings

Last night’s Emmys hoped to make a statement that America was united in their opposition to President Donald Trump and his agenda. Unfortunately for the Hollywood elite, no one tuned in to see it.

The overnight ratings for the Emmys are in, and they are so bad, the question has to be asked: Can an awards show be canceled?

Last night’s Emmys was the lowest-rated telecast of the awards show IN HISTORY. They beat out the all-time record low, set just last year. Granted, these are the preliminary ratings, so it is possible that the final ratings, which are released in a few days, will boost the numbers a bit. That means it may only be the second-worst rated Emmys of all time.

John Nolte of Breitbart reports.

Last night was yet-another ratings flop for Hollywood’s Beautiful People. As of now it looks as though fewer than 11.3 million viewers tuned in to watch host Stephen Colbert’s hate-fest. That would mean the 69th Emmy telecast had fewer viewers than last year’s 68th, which currently holds the all-time low ratings record.

What we do know for sure is that the 8.2 overnight rating is lower than 2016’s 8.4. Even in the coveted 18-49 age group, TVs Greatest Night flopped with a pathetic 2.8, which proves that even young people are tired of watching rich elites publicly work through their inability to come to terms with losing the 2016 presidential election.

This news, of course, comes just days after the ratings for the MTV Awards hit their own record low.

What has to be especially galling to Colbert and his fellow social justice glitter-warriors, is that in a country of 330 million, fewer than five percent tuned in, cared to watch even a minute of the show.

Since you likely missed it, here is a sampling of the anti-Trump tirades the show featured. This is a clip of a ‘9 to 5’ Reunion with Lily Tomin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton.

So sad. If you’re going to insult the President in front of millions on live TV, at least be a bit more clever with it.

No wonder Emmy ratings are in the tank. That’s a horrible delivery of an unfunny punch line.

One could argue that the low ratings were not a sign of Trump support, since Emmy ratings last year, in the Obama era, were down as well. The overall message, however, is clear: no one cares about celebrity self-congratulations and their promises of an awards show pontificating on politics. Their relevance is circling the drain.

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