Re: Flag Burning / Rioting / Free Speech

We can expect to see a lot of flag burning and a lot of other things in the coming weeks and months.

Whatever the lead sheep does, the other brainwashed sheep will follow the leader. They have to do what the others around them are doing, even if it’s displaying stupidity and ignorance.


The last thing liberals want is for republicans to succeed in making America better in any shape, form or fashion. They are encouraging others to display anti-America behavior. Their anger is not just directed at Trump, it’s at the entire republican party and republican voters. They would be acting the same exact way if another republican became president instead of Trump. They’ve been hurling insults and F-bombs at Mike Pence. All I see in liberals is hatred, vulgarity, and bigotry.


The animal behavior of liberals is similar to the behavior of the savages in the middle east. We know that American flag burning is a favorite hobby of radical violent people in Islamic countries because they hate America and everything it stands for. Now liberals are displaying the same thoughts. They hate America, they are ashamed to be an American, and they think America is racist. I don’t remember liberals being so violent and dangerous and so full of hate and bigotry before Obama was elected.

At what point in their spoiled lives did they become so brainwashed to the point where they hate their own country? Even liberal entertainers are saying they are ashamed to be an American (Madonna being the latest). WTF?? America has made them filthy rich and they are ashamed to be an American?? Really???


I never take for granted how lucky I am to live in America where we have free elections, freedom of speech, and so many other wonderful things. That’s why I don’t understand why liberals show their hatred for America in many ways. They are so damn lucky and so spoiled, yet they act like America is the worst place on the planet.

If a person doesn’t have the same views as they do, then the person is a racist, a bigot, etc., etc. They have become so mentally disturbed they can no longer make rational thoughts or decisions. They believe every lie and rumor that pops up, never questioning the source. Now they are making terroristic threats.



The weeks and days leading up to Jan. 20 will be violent, but the violence and hate will only be coming from liberals. All we can do is sit back and watch the circus clowns perform their circus act…


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