Read the disgusting thing a Saturday Night Live writer tweeted about Barron Trump

Barron Trump

Barron Trump

Remember when liberals insisted the children of the President should be left alone? Now that Barack Obama is gone, it appears that rule no longer applies. Just ask Barron Trump.

Donald Trump had hardly finished taking the oath of office when the liberal left began their assault on him and his family. While one could argue that his adult children are far game (after all, they will be active in his administration), his ten-year-old son Barron has been targeted with hate and ridicule.

The most disgusting example of hate towards Barron Trump came from Katie Rich, a writer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Just as Trump was taking the oath of office, Rich sent out this tweet.

Barron TrumpShe quickly deleted it, and like any brave liberal, she set her Twitter account to “protected” so the public cannot see her tweets or interact with her. It takes a special kind of liberal derangement to joke about a child becoming a murderer. It takes little to run and hide from the consequences.

The response was fierce, as even other liberals condemned the classless attack on a kid.

Barron Trump

Katie Rich was hired by Saturday Night Live in December of 2013. As of now, Rich is still employed by Saturday Night Live and NBC. Anyone wonder what would have happened if she had said something about Barack Obama’s girls? Remember, when George W. Bush was President, liberals openly bashed his teenage girls and delved into their personal lives. They found their principles for the eight years Obama was President, but they are out the window again now that Donald Trump is in charge.

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H/T: Daily Wire

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