Reality Check: Trudeau Does Complete 180 on Immigration Policy After Refugees Destroy His Country

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President Justin Trudeau has long hailed his country as the first “multi-cultural nation,” in the world. He’s welcomed millions of refugees into his country with open arms, and as conservatives expected, it backfired…massively.

This “backfiring” is nothing new. We’ve seen it happen throughout Europe. It happened in Sweden, as the number of rapes went through the roof over the past decade. It happened in Germany, after Angela Merkel instituted her ridiculous open-borders policies.

…and it’s happening as we speak in London, with Mayor Sadiq Khan welcoming terrorism with open arms, saying that it’s all “part and parcel” of being a multi-cultural city. Every week now, there’s a new acid, stabbing, or driving rampage somewhere in the UK.

Donald Trump gained an enormous following during the presidential election of 2016, because we’ve seen other countries institute the same policies that Hillary Clinton wanted to put into place—and they’ve failed miserably.

Americans don’t care how much leftists virtue signal, because we know that letting millions of third-world Muslims into our country is not a good idea. So after years of Justin Trudeau smugly looking down on us, and shaming Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall, he’s now got egg on his face after begging immigrants to stop coming into his country illegally.

Daily Wire reports:

Any leftists who are still contemplating a move to Canada in the wake of Donald Trump’s election may soon find themselves out of luck completely. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is about to start cracking down on illegal immigration, and it’s starting with border-jumpers.

Trudeau, who routinely tells potential refugees to Canada that the country will welcome them with open arms, and has regularly criticized President Donald Trump for his hardline stance on taking in more Syrian families set adrift by that nation’s bloody civil war, told a press conference Monday that he and his government will no longer tolerate those who seek to enter Canada without a personal invitation.

“Canada is an opening and welcoming society, but let me be clear,” the virtue-signalling Prime Minister announced. “We are a country of laws. Entering Canada irregularly is not an advantage. There are rigorous immigration and customs rules that will be followed. Make no mistake.”

This is the same Trudeau that implied Donald Trump was a racist for denying illegal immigrants entry into the US—and the same Trudeau who told them that he would gladly accept them into Canada. Looks like he’s changed his mind after getting smacked in the face by the harsh backhand of reality.

According to CBC, Canada’s government broadcasting network, the liberal country has seen a huge uptick in illegal immigration. Just in July, over a thousand illegal immigrants were intercepted at the border, a 20% increase from the previous month. Imagine how many got by without authorities noticing.

Years of disastrous liberal policies have left Canada a mosque-infested, culturally divided region, and it seems that after destroying his own country, Trudeau is starting to regret it. It looks like we may be needing two walls, before those Canadians start jumping the border down to President Trump’s America.

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