The left NEEDS a reality check on the Trump/Russia classified information controversy, and THIS is it…

obama vs trump classified information

While the Democratic Party and mainstream media (pardon the redundancy of terms) openly fantasize about Trump’s impeachment over the accusation of revealing classified information to the Russians a reality check is needed.

While this is the latest mound of feces the left is flinging to the wall in the hopes of sticking our collective memory has forgotten the lefts rank hypocrisy when it comes to the Obama Administrations flaunting of classified information on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and cyber attacks on Iranian nuclear capabilities.

One actual journalist has thankfully bothered to take us down that memory lane. From The Federalist

In 2011, former CIA Director Leon Panetta revealed top secret information about the Osama Bin Laden raid. Panetta reportedly revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the raid and named their ground commander at a ceremony where “Zero Dark Thirty” writer Mark Boal was in attendance, according to a report by the inspector general at the Department of Defense.

Panetta reportedly assumed all 1,300 people in attendance at the event had adequate security clearances to hear the top-secret information about the Seal Team Six raid, according to Politico. The report detailing Panetta’s oversharing flies in the face of the Obama White House’s claims they had never shared any classified information with anyone they shouldn’t have.

And that denial appears to have been good enough for the fake news corps as they gleefully kept their lips superglued to Obama’s posterior.

What is the likelihood that ALL 1,300 people at that meeting were cleared to hear the sound of Panetta’s voice on that raid? Not very high, but who cares about that when you’re a leftist?

The next example is even more brazenly hypocritical.

In 2010, Gen. James Cartwright, then vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, allegedly leaked to reporters classified information about cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities. He reportedly shared documents about a highly sophisticated virus used to foil Iran’s nuclear program to members of the media, but there was no outrage from the press about these disclosures.

Cartwright pled guilty last October to giving false testimony to FBI agents about his involvement in the leaks, only to be pardoned by President Obama days before he left the White House. Yet this got very little air time on cable news channels.

It ended with a pardon that fake news swept under the rug. See why so many on the right are so accepting of the MSM moniker “fake news.” If you sweep the “inconvenient truth” under the rug you have no credibility, and because news sinks or swims on credibility when it has none it’s deservedly deemed to be fake.

The difference between the examples above and President Trump’s alleged actions is that the president does actually have the power to declassify information. Assuming the accusations are true, even if it wasn’t a wise move, it’s not illegal. So exactly how this would be a platform for impeachment would be an interesting pretzel of logic for the left to untwist.

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