Reality Check: What Black Citizens of Chicago Really Think of Obama’s LEGACY.

What the mainstream media propaganda machine does not want you to see.

If you listen to the President speak you get the sense that Barack Obama wants the Black Community to blame Whites and cops. These Black Chicago residents aren’t buying it. They’re putting the blame squarely on President Obama and Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago.

“He’s probably the the worst President ever elected. Have the same love for these (black) young people as you’ve got for the ones across the border.” the woman speaking in quotes is referring to illegal aliens coming across to the United States.

Many residents of Chicago understand that Obama has done nothing to help raise them out of a state of dependency. They want jobs. They want self-esteem. They want to raise their families and earn a paycheck. Obama and the Democrats continue to keep minorities down. Now that joblessness is so out of control, the youth living in these impoverished neighborhoods get out of control, the cops are called in and all hell breaks loose.

Obama and Eric Holder have managed to turn the same cops who are coming into these neighborhoods, risking their lives into Public Enemy #1. It is democrat policies and Obama’s policies  which has these residents living in a hell-hole with no way out. Do they sound angry? You bet. The message is out. The message is clear.  These communities are fed up and they are aware that the Democrat party has no interest in helping them break this cycle. This is why President Elect Trump won this election.

This is the reason Facebook and other liberal owned social media along with the mainstream media want to label and call for taking down websites that report ‘fake news’. They do not want you to know the truth.

It’s that simple!

The mainstream media is the fake news. Just look what they did with this last election cycle with Donald J Trump. They fear Mr. Trump is going to be the man that finally wakes up the Black community to the reality of Democrat policies and how they have destroyed their cities.

You will never see people like this on the liberal mainstream media telling the truth because they want to keep them to remain silent.


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