SICKENING: Tweets from NSA leaker Reality Winner include pledging allegiance an American enemy

reality winters twitter

Silence is Consent has previously reported on efforts to hide Facebook posts by NSA leaker Reality Winner, you can see that here. As of this writing her Twitter account remains open, many of the doozies are posted below.

Here’s Reality Winner, someone with Top Secret clearance, apparently, tweeting what appears to be pledging allegiance to Iran:

Here is the screenshot of her pledging allegiance to Iran just in case the above is removed:reality winner pledges allegiance to Iran

Here are some other screenshots that show how bright she really is:reality winners screenshots

Here is Reality proclaiming that being white is terrorism:

Here is Reality calling Trump a dictator mere days into his presidency:

Here’s Reality Winner physically threatening Senator Ted Cruz:

There’s more, you can see more here. But you get the idea at this point.

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