Reindeer MASSACRE – Over 100 Dead in Norway So Far, Here’s Why

reindeer massacre

As the holidays come around, many are out shopping for new Christmas presents for their parents, siblings, and children—but there may be a far more pressing issue facing us this Christmas than choosing which whiskey to get for Grandpa or which toy to get for little Johnny.

According to official reports, reindeer in Norway have been absolutely dropping like flies. Over 100 have been killed just in the past several weeks, which has prompted animal rights activists to demand some sort of solution.

The problem lies in the train tracks, which for some reason seem to keep trapping reindeer by the hooves, who are then plowed down by trains. Some have urged government officials to create barriers protecting the reindeer from stepping onto the tracks, while others have largely ignored the problem.

Fox News reports:

More than 100 reindeer in Norway have been killed in recent days after getting caught on tracks and subsequently hit by speeding freight trains, sparking an outcry to erect some type of barrier during their migration.

Torstein Appfjell, a reindeer herder who was “dizzy with anger,” called the deaths “totally tragic” and “unprecedented.” He said that the worst incident occurred on Saturday when 65 reindeer were killed.

He said over 106 reindeer were killed since Thursday, making it the worst 12-month period they have seen in the area. At least 250 animals were killed in train accidents since last November.

Groups of reindeer, led by their herders, have been migrating from their summer pasture in the mountainous regions of Norway towards the coast, according to Sky News. But many of the animals get caught on the train tracks.

Residents in the area, tired of seeing the animals being slaughtered every year, are calling for a barrier to be constructed to prevent and protect the animals from train tracks.

Local media has reported that Bane NOR, the company which runs the train, has since reduced speeds in the area in response to the massacre.

Earlier warnings for trains to decrease speed at the migration areas failed to reach the train operators due to a “technical failure,” Sky News reported.

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