Remember Kathy Griffin’s Disgusting Stunt? Guess What Secret Service Just Did to Her…

Kathy Griffin Secret Service

Kathy Griffin, ex-host of CNN, pulled off a disgustingly graphic publicity stunt 2 months ago, in which she held a bloody, beheaded Trump, in an ISIS-esque manner.

The brutally violent image scarred Barron Trump for life, thinking it was his actual father that had been killed—and it infuriated conservatives all across the nation.

How is it that a HOST of a major news outlet can encourage the beheading of President Trump, and that isn’t inciting violence, yet when Trump tweets a joke, CNN is claiming he’s inciting violence? These liberals are HYPOCRITES.

Imagine what would happen if Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity had held up a bloodied, mangled head belonging to Barrack Obama—there would be a media storm for YEARS to come. They’d be thrown in jail on some sort of trumped up charges related to racism, inciting violence, and everything that the law could throw at them.

Yet Kathy Griffin is able to pull this off, in the midst of radical violence against conservatives, without a single scolding from CNN, aside from their firing of her, which was only done for publicity reasons. Well, Kathy, it seems that your time is up.

The Secret Service takes threats like this VERY seriously, as they should. There was already an assassination attempt on President Trump’s life in 2016, ironically enough, by an illegal immigrant that had overstayed his visa.

In addition to this there’s been tons of celebrities threatening to kill Donald Trump, from Madonna threatening to blow up the white house, to the vile and creepy Johnny Depp joking about the last time an actor assassinated Trump (a reference to Abraham Lincoln’s murder).

In the midst of such serious accusations, the Secret Service has decided to take a stand—they recently grilled Kathy Griffin for over an hour, and the investigation is still not closed.

News of this event first emerged on Twitter from Yashir Ali, verified reporter for New York Magazine and Mother Jones. He sent out a tweet on July 3rd breaking the story that Kathy Griffin had been interviewed by the Secret Service.

Griffin later confirmed the news by tweeting out that she didn’t “Give a F anymore,” but that TMZ and Harvey Levin will “…never b under fed investigation like I am now.”

Griffin’s lawyers pushed back, claiming that the unfunny comedian was merely exercising her first amendment rights—but many Americans feel otherwise. Many Americans believe that she, among other celebrities, are inciting unhinged violence against the Right.

“When you look at everything in the media, all the times entertainers make videos or express themselves in other ways, you’ve never seen an entertainer, let alone a comedian, be subject to a criminal investigation,” her criminal defense attorney told the New York Times.

Miss Griffin played the victim, naturally. She swung from angrily defiant to utterly defeated as she spoke to reporters, and even claimed that she was a victim of a sexist Donald Trump.

“I don’t think I will have a career after this,” she said tearfully. “I’m going to be honest. He broke me.” That’s interesting, Kathy—seeing that you were the one holding his bloodied head on live television. You’re a giant hypocrite, and you know it.

The Secret Service declined to comment on Friday, but the investigation is ongoing. Hopefully Kathy has learned her lesson and we won’t be hearing from her any time soon.

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