Report: Google has met with Obama at the White House at least once a week during entire presidency

The most renegade president in history meeting with the most powerful website/company in the world. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about here.

From The Daily Mail

Newly compiled data reveals Google and its affiliates have attended meetings at the White House more than once a week, on average, since President Barack Obama took office.

Numbers crunched by the Campaign for Accountability and the Intercept show 169 Google employees have met with 182 government officials in the White House.
The meetings took place at least 427 times. The data used spans from Obama’s first month in office in 2009 until October 2015, and includes government meetings with representatives of Google-affiliated companies Tomorrow Ventures and Civis Analytics.

Wow, the only other thing Obama met with more than Google is a golf course. Why were they meeting SO much?

Google wrote that topics discussed in the meetings ranged from patent reform, STEM education, and self-driving cars to Internet censorship, smart contact lenses, and cyber security.

You know when you go to the store, and the only item you need to buy something is something that is totally embarrassing (laxative, tampons, a dusty copy of “The Audacity of Hope”) and you don’t want it to look like you weren’t going there for just that one item so you get a bunch of other stuff you don’t need or care about to obscure the truth?

That’s what this is. The item in bold (censorship) is what leftists like Obama really wants. They don’t give a damn about patent reform and smart contact lenses…not enough to meet once a week about it.

Is it any coincidence that social media has “matured” into tactics such as “shadowbanning,” which is the suppression and omission of social media content without actually banning the person in question. They’re effectively talking to thin cyber air.

These meetings are vital to the liberal cause, because Leftist ideology can’t win any debate on the merits, so of course the most left-wing president we’ve ever had would be conducting weekly meetings with Google.

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