REPORT: Gun shop owner reported Orlando terrorist to FBI WEEKS before he attacked (VIDEO)

The way Democrats talk about the need for gun control reminds me of an old joke about keeping elephants away…

The Psychiatrist was escorting a patient from one Psychiatric Hospital to another. They were travelling by train, and the Psychiatrist was intrigued to see the patient tearing up bits of paper and throwing them out of the window.

“What are you doing that for?” asked the Psychiatrist.

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“It’s to keep the elephants away !” answered the patient.

“But there are no elephants in Surrey,” pointed out the Psychiatrist.

“Effective, isn’t it?” was the logical answer.

The point doesn’t directly correlate, but basically Democrats have the same type of idiotic mentality when it comes to guns. Ignore warning signs, botch investigations, and then when disaster strikes pretend nothing could’ve prevented it…EXCEPT banning guns.

In addition to warning signs Omar Mateen was displaying, a gun shop owner WARNED THE FBI WEEKS BEOFRE THE ORLANDO ATTACK.

We know how THAT got handled, the body count speaks for itself.

From Fox News

A Florida gun shop owner said that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen tried to buy bulk ammunition and heavy-duty body armor from his shop five or six weeks ago, and that they tried to warn the FBI.

Robbie Abell, who co-owns Lotus Gunworks in South Florida, said Mateen was asking about the highest-level body armor.

Abell said the salesman knew that this was “not a question that a normal civilian would ask.”

And then he did something that debunks the notion this was a lone wolf attack…

He said that when Mateen was told the store doesn’t carry that product, he started texting and talking to someone on his cell phone in a Middle Eastern-sounding language.

In fairness to the FBI, they apparently didn’t have much to go on to pursue this since Lotus Gunworks didn’t have a name or image to provide to them. Which makes you wonder about their security. No cameras? Did Mateen arrive by car? Someone could’ve tried to take down the plate as he left.

One thing is for certain, gun vendors aren’t as irresponsible as the left would have you believe.

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