REPORT: Woman Stabbed by Antifa at Ben Shapiro Speech In Berkeley

Ben Shapiro

Berkeley “braced” for yesterday’s visit from conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, and while the event concluded with less violence than some in the past, it is being reported that a female supporter of Shapiro was stabbed by Antifa.

“A Ben Shapiro supporter was stabbed in the neck by Antifa terrorists last night in Berekley [sic] CA,” wrote Kyle Chapman, a citizen journalist who was on the ground in Berkeley. “This brave young lady was holding a sign supporting Ben Shapiro when she was yanked down from a light post then beaten and stabbed by left wing terrorist.”

“Peace, Love & Support 4 the 1st Amendment. Shalom Shapiro. We welcome you,” reads the woman’s sign in photos posted by Chapman.

Details on the woman’s condition are still unknown, but reports that a woman was rushed to the hospital with injuries sustained in a scuffle after her sign was stolen from her have been confirmed by CBS San Francisco.

Berkeley Police arrested nine people, some on charges related to the possession of prohibited weapons.

An official statement released by Berkeley PD just after midnight asserts that there were “no reported injuries due to violence,” but that an “investigation into crimes committed during Thursday’s demonstration is continuing. To help further our investigations, we are asking members of the public to send us photos or videos of Thursday’s events.”

In anticipation of Shapiro’s lecture, Berkeley went into ‘lock-down’ procedures that some jokingly referred to as preparations for “Hurricane Antifa,” as shop owners closed early, windows were boarded up, and security walls were erected.

Alt-left terrorists have been wreaking havoc in Berkeley nearly unabated, prompting some to question where mayor Jesse Arreguin’s allegiances lie and what the hierarchy of power actually looks like in the leftist stronghold.

Arreguin was discovered to be a member of a Facebook group for By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) – an affiliate of Antifa that has been linked with domestic terrorism activities by the FBI, and also Facebook friends with radical leftist provocateur and BAMN organizer, Yvette Felarca, who was recently arrested on charges of inciting a riot.

“Mayor Arreguin is not representing all of Berkeley right now,” an ‘anonymous source close to Berkeley city government’ told Fox News. “He’s coming from a deep leftist position. We have some very radical elements on the police review commission. Jesse is emboldening them because he has a majority on the commission.”

Arreguin has responded to these allegations, asserting, “I am not a member of BAMN, and I do not support the views and the violent actions of that group.”

A local writer covering the Shapiro event posted a photo of a sign on campus warning police that they could be subject to “citizen’s arrest” if they violated a list of “prohibited items” and ‘regulations’ set forth in writing.

“Police entering UC Berkeley Campus may be subject to suspicion and hostility,” read the notice.

Berkeley will be put to a true test in the coming weeks, as prominent conservatives, libertarians and anti-leftists from around the country descend on the school campus to hold “Free Speech Week,” organized by Milo Yiannopoulos, which has leftists and mainstream media in a panic.

Yiannopoulos will be joined by Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow, author and commentator Ann Coulter, writer David Horowitz, anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller, Infowars contributor Mike Cernovich, and many more. A complete lineup and schedule can be found HERE.

Yiannopoulos has also announced that security for the event will be bolstered by a 16-man Navy SEAL tactical team.

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