Reporters furious over Trump press conference, stay mum on Hillary access


Donald Trump held a press conference today at the new Trump Hotel in Washington D.C., and once again showed his ability to manipulate the media and define the narrative. Rather than bow to the media’s leading questions and obvious agenda, Trump turned the press conference into a pep rally, forcing reporters to sit at the back of the room while supporters sat on the front row.

Knowing he had live TV coverage across the major news networks, Trump spent most of the time presenting veterans and Medal of Honor winners to voice their support for him. While supporters chanted “USA,” reporters were forced to stand on chairs at the back of the room and yell questions, pining for attention like kids at the unpopular table in the school lunchroom.

MSNBC was livid over the event, and liberal commentator Roland Martin went on the network soon after saying the press was “pimped” by Trump:

Mind you, this is the same liberal media that stayed silent when Hillary Clinton shut them out of a press conference for months. The same media that is now content to lob softball questions when she speaks to them briefly on her campaign plane. The same liberal media that refused to question whether Hillary Clinton’s health was a legitimate issue. Now, giving veterans 20 minutes of TV time to voice their support of Trump is too much.

Cry us a river, people.




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