REVEALED: Google has been manipulating search terms in favor of Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Don’t just take the word of this video for it if you don’t want to. I personally tried the search terms covered here and found the same results the people at Sourcefed did.

In fact I even tried doing my own comparison with the term “crooked Hillary.” The results were the same, Bing showed the term with fairly minimal typing while Google pretty much didn’t show it at all.

With just “crook” (Hillary shows up as number 6 with Bing)



With “crooked h” (Hillary is the top suggestion with Bing)



This is how far you have to go with Google before it acknowledges the existence of the term “crooked Hillary.” I’m no tech expert, but there’s just no way this is above board stuff.


This is important, because like with Facebook being exposed for their bias in the trending stories scam we now have proof that even a search engine, one that happens to be the largest website in the world by a long shot, can act as an arm of a politicdal organization.

I agree this isn’t illegal but boy is it WRONG.

There’s no doubt Google is using their reach to influence people, they do “doodles” commemorating birthdays of little known communists while ignoring BIG days like Easter and Memorial Day. Now they’ve been caught manipulating search term suggestions in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

I’m a user of Google products, they’re just so damn useful and work well, but I’m going to have to think hard about that after this latest revelation.

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