Revealed: The question that sent Hillary Clinton aide storming out of an interview with the FBI


One of former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aides at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, recently sat down for a voluntary interview with investigators from the FBI looking into Hillary’s questionable private email server setup.

Though she has been deemed a “cooperative witness” by the investigators, Mills at one point walked out of the interview when an FBI agent asked a question on a topic he apparently was not supposed to address, according to The Washington Post.

The supposedly off-limits topic that was broached by the FBI agent was in regard to the procedure used by Clinton, Mills and others to produce email for the State Department so they could be released publicly.

That was off limits? This entire investigation is about Hillary Clinton’s emails, a question about them is “off limits” to the FBI by Team Hillary. That makes no effin’ sense!

Left unsaid was the fact that had Clinton not used a private server for her email in the first place, this wouldn’t even be a topic for discussion, as State would already possess all of her email.

It was reported that Mills, her lawyer, and the other investigators were taken aback by the question, as an agreement had been reached beforehand that certain subjects would be off-limits during the interview.

Mills, a lawyer herself, has claimed attorney-client privilege regarding her communications with Hillary on a broad range of issues, despite having served in the State Department as Clinton’s chief-of-staff, and not her private attorney.

She’d be better off pleading the 5th, the presumption of some degree of guilt will be there regardless.

It was also reported that Mills and her lawyer stepped out of the interview a number of other times to consult on various questions being asked by the investigators.

h/t Conservative Tribune

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