REVENGE: Look What Hackers Did To CNN Employees Over The #CNNBlackmail Reddit Scandal

CNN Blackmail

The CNN Blackmail scandal has taken yet another turn, as hackers are now targeting CNN employees in an act of retaliation over the incident. While it may seem like poetic justice or a fair turnabout on the surface, what is happening now is disturbing and could result in innocent people being hurt.

According to an exclusive report by The Daily Caller, hackers are posting the private information, including home addresses, of CNN employees. That includes Andrew Kaczynski, the reporter who found the Reddit user who created the Trump vs. CNN video.

However, rather than just showing those responsible at CNN how it feels to be exposed, the privacy hack is taking a dark turn. Those responsible for exposing the personal information are encouraging people to falsely report CNN employees to authorities for child pornography and other crimes. Jewish employees are being trolled by anti-Semites, and families are now in danger from criminals and stalkers. Several have been threatened with rape.

Similar incidents have happened to conservative figures, and have been widely criticized. Sheriff David Clarke recently had his home address posted online by people who wanted to do him harm. Regardless of motivations or political position, such acts should be widely condemned on both ends of the political spectrum.

It appears those responsible are not necessarily conservative or Trump supporters, but rather opportunists looking to create chaos. Trump supporters, however, will get the blame if anything happens.

Here are details from The Daily Caller on the CNN Blackmail scandal fallout.

Several anchors and reporters at CNN have had their home addresses published and have received threats of rape and other violence in the wake of a story published by Andrew Kaczynski, who heads up the network’s investigative K-FILE team. Anti-network trolls are encouraging viewers to wrongly accuse CNN staffers of pedophilia and child pornography. There is also “tons of anti-Semitism.”

“Frustration” is the predominant feeling inside CNN, The Mirror has learned.

Kaczynski published a story on the 4th of July in which he appeared to threaten to publish the name of a Reddit user who parades around anonymously as “HanAssholeSolo.” HanAssholeSolo claimed to be the originator of the wrestling video tweeted by President Trump in which POTUS flattened a wrestler whose face was a CNN logo.

Trump has long accused CNN of being “fake news” and “very fake news.”

The network seems to be fulfilling Trump’s need for a public enemy. In other words, CNN fills the void for “Low energy Jeb,” “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary.” In recent months, CNN has become a virtual punching bag for Trump supporters. The reason doesn’t often matter. Be it White House correspondent Jim Acosta bitching about press access or “New Day” host Chris Cuomo deleting a tweet, they’re drunk on hate and their perception that the network is not giving Trump a fair shake. They delight in clobbering the network as much and as often as possible.

Kaczynski’s home address has been posted online as have those of various CNN anchors and reporters.

“Frustrated by our critics’ double standards,” a CNN insider said on condition of anonymity. “Frustrated that CNN staffers’ private information is being published in ‘retaliation’ — when the network made the decision to not out the Reddit user. Frustrated by the speed in which misinformation, lies and hate spreads. Frustrated that POTUS’s son has no accountability.”

Some CNN employees are taking steps to protect themselves, but details are hush-hush as revealing them could jeopardize employing safety measures in the first place.

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