The rise of new fascism in America


A young, Muslim immigrant comes to America. He is outspoken, a little of an outcast, but he is in the land of the free. In America, anyone can do anything.

He comes to America, a writer and entertainer. He creates a humorous style to share his views. These views are sometimes offensive, engaging, and generally conservative.

He is successful and expands his venues. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the views of this young man. They begin to look for ways to suppress him.

After attempts by “intellectuals” to defame and mis-characterize him fail, a more organized approach is required.

Repeatedly, organized white supremacists show up in riot gear to prevent him from speaking. Their purpose is clear. The “protesters” know that if they get violent enough, the presentation will be cancelled. The White Supremacist movement is well financed, and many of the “protesters” are paid.

How does the young Muslim fight back?

Oops, did I say Muslim? I meant, Jewish, gay, immigrant, Milo Yiannopolous (MILO). This time the white supremacists are college-educated Americans of all races.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Milo described coming to America as a journalist planning a college tour. After all, America allegedly is the land of the free.

See, in Europe you can be arrested for things you say.

“…coming from Europe where we don’t really have free speech protections, I mean if it exists there are rules about it, if it exists it is regulated in Europe and in Europe you can get arrested for being a misogynist or for being offensive, these are actual offenses, these are things the police can come and take you away for in Europe and Americans don’t really understand how bad it is in Europe.

In America I always imagined that this was a country where you could be, do and say anything. What I’ve discovered, not just in journalism but also in the entertainment industry, and particularly and most importantly in academia which is where I try and park my tanks on the lawn and really the try to take the fight to the left which is why they hate me so much, because conservatives are so spineless all the time. I take the fight to them and on American college campuses I have experienced restrictions on the freedom of speech, groupthink and penalties, social and institutional and financial penalties for free expression like nothing I ever experienced before.”

This is an immigrant from another part of the world, who has lived and seen other regimes. These college educated morons and paid protesters are fighting for fascism. They are fighting to destroy our constitution and force us to bow to groupthink.

Liberals across the country are patting themselves on the back for the “resistance.” Now is the time every red blooded American put up or shut up. We can no longer remain silent.

It is time for Americans to understand what is at stake. If we stand silently by and allow the rise of fascism, America will never be the same.

Hold your politicians accountable. Educate yourselves. Protest if you must, non-violently, but protest. In addition, be seen and be heard.

Career politicians understand only power and money. Make them think they will lose either, because you will have their attention. Now get it.

Silence IS Consent.

How will you get their attention?


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